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  1. Nadru

    E4-1 elbows question.

    I'm not what you mean by open or closed. The alternating rows of aluminum and rubber run parallel to the wrist, like a bracelet. Currently I have about 20 expansions just between the wrist and elbow, with a row expansion just below the elbow. So far it lays really flat and it's hard to tell unless you're really looking at the grain.
  2. Nadru

    E4-1 elbows question.

    So I'm working on a sleeve that's anodized aluminum and EPDM. It's going to be fairly tight over the arm and I was wondering if there was an aesthetically pleasing way to do the elbow (in and out) that would also be comfortable. Would a patch work? Or expansions and contractions? Maybe a smaller ring size for inside the elbow and larger for the outside? Curious to know if someone has done this and have it turn out well.
  3. Nadru

    Maille basket

    Just and all aluminum circular expansion.
  4. Nadru

    Maille basket

    Welp, I'm back. Haven't really stopped making chainmail but I'm getting more into it again since I'm allowed to work at work lol. So here's a basket I made a little while ago. HP 3-1 sheet 6 16ga 1/4" anodized aluminum and rubber.
  5. Nadru


    since that's a wiener dog, does that mean it's wearing a cod piece?
  6. Nadru

    dull anodized al

    I just recieved a huge shipment of red AA (24,000 rings) and they are the same color as the previous shipment of red AA that I recieved but they are all really dull. Is there any way to get that shine back, or am I SOL on them? tumbling maybe? Any help would be awesome, thanks.
  7. Nadru

    Is chainmail art?

    The way I see it, and the way I will always see it, is this. It's how you apply the materials and techniques you are using that make something art. A bucket of paint is not a work of art, but paint a pretty picture, then yeah, that can be art. A bucket of paint is to a painting as a spool of wire is to ________. Obviously, as stated previously, one person's perception of art is different than the next person's. So if you think you are an artist, and you feel you create works of art, then run with it. I mean hell, I'm a part of a fashion show at the end of the month featuring some of my bikini tops.