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    i do a little of this a little of that
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    London, Ontario and Calagry, Alberta
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    LED and Fibre Optic Lighting, Biking, Skiing.... and my nick isn't MacGyver for nofin
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    Industrial Designer , Project Manager Construction....
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    1998 and still tryn
  1. stKosmosis

    How do you store your supplies?

    I use Stanley ZIp boxes they come in 3 sizes.... as well i made myself a few custom sized slotted trays of SS316 and they slide into a unit i made for my shop... as well i have a shwag load of Papco boxes.... after inventory last year i found i have 1763 varieties of screws..... Pizza pie.
  2. stKosmosis

    Any Crazy Ti workers out there

    it's an old post but i work with Ti...... so if your still looking drop me a line... i have a full shop... cheers