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  1. Aith

    Show Me Your Armpits

    I've been building a maybe-hauberk-maybe-haubergeon, and progress is slow. I'm now around the 8000-ring mark, with the sleeves at about half my upper arm and the torso getting down to my waist. I lurked here a while before I started, and got some advice when I picked it up; since I have eighty-seven sources to work from, my process has been a bit of Straps-And-Barrel, a bit of Butted Mail: A Mailmaker's Guide, and a bit of Hang-On-How-Did-I-Do-That. Right now, the weave on the sleeves is in line with the weave on the torso, meaning that when my arms are down, they hang "the wrong way" (open, rather than fitting.) I haven't closed the sleeves into arm-tubes yet, though; right now, they hang over the top, front, and back. This also means that they don't attach to the torso under the arm yet. Butted Mail uses a 90-degree connection between the two parts at that point, but I'm having trouble getting my head around that. Right now, I get a pretty good bunching effect at the front of my shoulder when I put my arms down and forward; if I connect the bottom edge of the armhole in the torso (a straight row) to the bottom of the arm-tube sleeve thing (a vaguely circular tube) won't I wind up with more bunchy knots? Presumably, there is a simple solution to this problem. (It may not even be a problem.) I'll have my own pictures up in the next couple of days, but in the meantime, how have you folks done arm-to-torso connections? Show! Tell! (Edit for spells badly.)
  2. Aith

    First Necklace (Opinions wanted)

    I like it, and I see what people are saying about your closures - not perfect, but definitely better than mine right now. I think the connection between the pendant and the chain section is what looks off to me - have you tried looping the wrap through two of the hanging rings, rather than just one? (I don't know if that makes sense. Imagine if the wire connecting the pendant to the chain made an inverted-pyramid triangle shape, with each of the two upper points going through a ring, and the lower point connecting to the pendant. As if the wire was another ring in the pattern, alone in its row.) Oh, and there's one ring that looks like a way different size, in the top section. Might just be the angle, but it seems out of place. If it really is a different size, should be an easy fix to change it out - or change the others in its row/section to match, and then you've got a little more interesting variation.
  3. Aith

    A Thousand Rings

    ...sounds like a lot more when you haven't read up on mailmaking yet. This is the first big landmark in my second project: an ambitious hauberk-that-may-stop-at-byrnie-depending-on-how-I-feel-at-the-time. I've run out of rings and am waiting on my second (much larger) batch to arrive; in the meantime, I have a few questions. This is what a thousand rings of E4-1 in 16g 5/16id stainless looks like, stretched out: ...and the same thousand rings, compressed to lie as flat as possible: That's a big difference. For the purposes of a shirt, where this piece would be the beginning of the band around the chest (under the arms), is this a twelve-inch section or a twenty-inch section? (Somewhere in between, I assume. But where?) When hanging "the right way", this weave is supposed to pull itself together to drape against the body. That gives it a little "stretch" to allow for movement. Naturally, when I'm doing measurements, I should measure the chain in at least a partially-compressed state; if it's fully extended, I have no stretch at all and the result is an immobilized Aith. But should I be measuring it at its "flat" state, where it's not extended at all? Or somewhere in between? Where? Should I even bother with measurements at this point, and just get it to a point where it looks like it would go round all the way and see how it wraps? I've seen a lot of advice about testing the fit as early and as often as possible. In order to test the fit, though, I need to know how much "stretch" is the right amount. It seems like extra room would just be a floppy mess of dead weight, but not enough room would leave me popping a ring or a tendon whenever I wave at someone. It seems like this is the sort of thing that you just know when you try it on? (I have not tried it on yet. I'm not that skinny.) As a follow-up, "Butted Mail: A Mailmaker's Guide" (http://homepage.ntlworld.com/trevor.barker/farisles/guilds/armour/mail.htm) mentions "two lines of expansions" over the shoulders, which would skew the sleeves forward by making the back of the shirt wider than the front (and allowing for a forward swing of the arm.) How much of an expansion are we talking about here? Is that another "it depends on how it feels" question?
  4. The "oh, I need some way to close it" leather cord drawstring for my first dice bag. It can probably be done better than this.
  5. A simple dice bag made from 16g 5/16id stainless steel rings.