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  1. wolfe


    Nice top. Is it "street legal"?
  2. wolfe


    Very nice.
  3. wolfe

    Chainmail Computer Program?

    Thanks, Konstantin, for pointing out the dates. I really should learn to check those when looking to replying to a post...
  4. wolfe

    Chainmail Computer Program?

    Yes, I'm interested. Something like this would make a lot of my projects much easier (I hate running out of rings before the project is done...). I hope others will answer this question also.
  5. wolfe

    Wooden Mail? Possible?

    Overall, the idea sounds wonderful. But the main problem with any wooden ring is going to be fragility. Ironwood is actually too brittle for this. (I was told by a wood expert that Orange Osage might be better, but thin wood is fragile.) You could try wood scales? Hope this helps, Wolfe
  6. Now I know another thing I was doing wrong: trying to put rings through 2 rings at a time. I'm sure it can be done, but I think I need to get used to how the rings work first. So I have to wait for money to buy better supplies. (I hate running out of workable rings...) wolfe ps. Thank you, Paladin. The tutorial helped me see this problem.
  7. I think I've realized what my problem is... I'm using too small rings (6mm ID) for a first project. I'm so used to making micromaille (20ga 1/8th), that I ordered these rings by habit. They were the smallest I could find from that supplier, and much too small for a first project with split rings. (The fact that my vision is going doesn't help.) My pliers are for split rings, but made for larger wire I think. Konstantin - Thanks for the reminder, but I use that method a lot for new, and continuing, projects whenever I need to keep the weave straight. Paladin - Thanks for the suggestion. I've always built off the first fivelet, so have not tried this... (edit) I was not able to find your tutorial... could you post or pm the url? Thanks for the suggestions, and I will use them after I get some more (larger) rings from TRL. wolfe
  8. I'm looking for information on where I can find tutorials for making maille from split-rings. I thought that it would be easy, but I made some very foolish mistakes. Getting the right split-rings and pliers can be corrected, but I found that I really need a tutorial to help me find the best way to add rings when starting euro 4-1, etc. Any assistance on this would be greatly appreciated. wolfe
  9. wolfe

    Announcing RING TUNES!

    Got me! (for about 10 seconds...) cool idea