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  1. Lingvarion

    byzantine size

    Thanks guys!
  2. Lingvarion

    byzantine size

    Hi Guys! Been away for awhile but want to make a new braclet. Was thinking of a goldplated byzantine. Iv Always used 20 7/64 when making it but i would like to make it alittle smaller but not sure want size to use. Anyone who can help me with a good size? Thanks /Simon
  3. Lingvarion

    WTB old large stainless scale

    Sorry for the late reply. I'm in need of at least 1500 scales but any would help
  4. Lingvarion

    WTB old large stainless scale

    Hey guys! as the topic says, im in need of old stainlees scales. started a projcet a long time ago an would like to finish it but dont want to mix old an new. Thanks
  5. Lingvarion

    machine cut vs saw cut in shirt

    Hey guys! I was planing to make a 4-1 european shirt in 18g 3/16 Stainless steel but cant decide between machine cut or saw cut. want the Close fit with saw cut but not the price. The fact that i get almost 3 time the amount of rings if i take machine cut is tempting. How much will the cut show in such a small ringsize?
  6. Lingvarion

    Changes to Stainless Steel Sizes

    to highjack the tread. i have a some Stainless steel in 19g 5.1mm but cant find them on the store. is this also one they changed? and would it bee a big differance in size if i use them and the closest one next to each other. making a 6-1 shirt and would be crappy to have to start over :/
  7. Lingvarion

    quality of goldfilled rings

    Thanks for answering
  8. Lingvarion

    quality of goldfilled rings

    Hey guys! I have some costumers who want gold jewllery but they are abit worried about the longterm effect on the goldfll rings. anyone who had any problem with the gold rubbing of or getting damaged? thanks
  9. Lingvarion

    scale mail bra

    nah no mannequin :/ first try going quite good
  10. Lingvarion

    scale mail bra

    yeah i got both but not sure how to apply it to the bra yet
  11. Lingvarion

    scale mail bra

    Hi guys! Im going to make a bra and build it on top of a normal bra but have no clue how to. Is there anyone who has a tutorial or some good walktrough pictures? Any info would be great Take care guys!
  12. Lingvarion

    WTB stainless steel scales

    well as many as possible nah not really sure but about halfway on my shirt. atlest 1000 i would Think.
  13. Lingvarion

    WTB stainless steel scales

    I would like to buy some of the old version of the large Stainless stell scales /simon
  14. Lingvarion

    new and old stainless steel scales

    Hi guys! Was thinking of completing my scale shirt but im using the old version of the Stainless steel scales. how big of a difference is it between the new and the old ones? /Simon
  15. Lingvarion

    Need advice on scale shirt

    Hey guys! Im making a large scale shirt and was thinking of making it like a vest and with leather straps to close the two parts with. Anyone seen or done anything like that? Would like to know if you guys think it will look good or not. My other idea was if i would put the opening under one arm. Thanks