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  1. corythreatt

    breaking titanium rings

    I've tried holding as much of the ring as possible to holding as little as possible. Small hands vs. 16ga titanium only allows me so much leeway. I seem to get the best results, as far as closure, when I have more of the ring in the pliers. It seems the biggest breakage issue arises if there is any need of a little back and forth to get a nice-looking, gapless closure. It only breaks when I open it too far but opening less gives me less room when closing to coax the ends together. Is there a best way, regarding how much of the ring is moving, to close? I'll give anything a shot. As I said before, this is the first metal/size combination I've had this problem with. I may just have to suck it up and be ok with a small gap since it's saw-cut...? The OCD perfectionist in me will lose some sleep over that, though. Thanks.
  2. corythreatt

    breaking titanium rings

    To add... I frequently work with 20ga 3/32 titanium and have no issue with breakage.
  3. corythreatt

    breaking titanium rings

    Titanium is a different beast altogether. Aluminum is a lot softer and I've never had issues with aluminum rings breaking either. Opening/closing technique isn't the issue as that is being done properly. Because the usual way of opening/closing was either not yielding a good closure or was snapping the rings, as a possible way around having to force the ends together while closing, I tried squeezing the rings from the sides to get the ends to overlap slightly before opening/closing. The idea behind that was to not have to force a good closure (by applying more inward pressure than usual) as that, too, was causing the rings to break.
  4. corythreatt

    breaking titanium rings

    Correction... "...squeezing the ends just PAST each other..." Sorry, trying to type this on my phone. :-)
  5. corythreatt

    breaking titanium rings

    I'm working with 18ga 1/4" saw cut Titanium (purchased from TRL) and I'm having a lot of issues with the rings snapping in half. I'm being especially careful not to overwork them but, to get anything close to a decent closure, I'm losing about 30% of my rings. I've tried squeezing the ends just pay each other before closing and the results weren't any better. I'm working on a JPL piece and trying to get the new ring past 2 others causes me to have to open more than the rings can handle. Any tips on getting nice closures and not breaking rings so frequently? Thanks!
  6. The Swarovski Bicones only cost $0.15 each...Stars were about $0.60 and the Moon was $2.50 so it's really not that expensive to use them with Aluminum. We sold a similar piece in Sterling for $150.00 (it had Swarovski Butterflies) but the Calculator that I was using just yielded a price that's too high for me... Swarovskis aside since theyr'e really not that expensive, you're saying $80.00 - $100.00. Here's what I was basing my $45.00 off of... 250ish rings...$0.01 each 4 Swarovski Bicones...$0.15 each 2 Swarovski Stars...$0.60 each 1 Swarovski Moon...$2.50 Clasp and 8 Silver Colored Balls...$1.00 Total materials...$7.80 x3....................$23.40 1.5 hours labor @ $15.00 = $22.50 $45.90 I could see $55.00 or so (based off of those numbers alone) but the upper end is a little unsettling...but then again I'm still new to the selling end of this. I know the rule about not underpricing your stuff and, believe me, I want it to sell for as much as possible...guess I'm just fighting the fear of being overpriced... Thanks for the help. Cory
  7. Usual 3x materials plus labor puts this piece (by my calculations) at about $45.00. I used Eni Oken's excel-based price calculator and it says between $87 and $180 retail. That seems a little high to me but who knows. Any suggestions/info from anyone on what a good retail price for this would be? Stats 20g 7/64 Bright Aluminum from TRL Swarovski Moon, Stars, Bicones Base metal Silver Balls, Clasp (Lobster) and Headpins. Thanks guys. Cory http://ny-image0.etsy.com/il_430xN.82608860.jpg http://ny-image1.etsy.com/il_430xN.82608913.jpg http://ny-image3.etsy.com/il_430xN.82610215.jpg