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  1. Lord Seamus

    Replacing Springs on Pliers

    I just bend a piece into a "v" shape and slide one half under the vinyl. If i need more tension I just adjust it a bit. I've not had much problem with it moving around.
  2. Lord Seamus

    Replacing Springs on Pliers

    When my springs go out, I take the spring steel slats from an old pair of wiper blades, cut and bend them to length and insert them in the handles. so far I have not had a problem using them.
  3. Lord Seamus

    Tool question

    Your local automotive tool distributor (SnapOn, Matco, Mac, Cornwell) Should also have a small device (wand) that will magnetize or de-magnetize screwdrivers. This will work on your pliers as well.
  4. Lord Seamus

    AUAG Rondo

    Damn that looks good! Don't you love how the camera focuses in on an oops or two?
  5. Lord Seamus

    been away from maille for a while, need help

    There are several different ways. Start off with a queen ring as in a coif or a juggling ball or make panels/sheets to connect together. A quick search on here should reveal a few methods. I'm partial to starting a juggling ball and going from there just because expansions drive me nuts. ;-)
  6. Lord Seamus

    coin purse closer thingy?

    Another idea: Old hacksaw blades and rivets. Cut to length and a rivet at each end.
  7. Lord Seamus

    Cut off all my hair :)

    It looks great short!
  8. Lord Seamus

    Graduated Squared Full Persian

    Very beautiful work, Rose!
  9. Lord Seamus

    The owner of Designs by Des...

    ... is celebrating his birthday today! Happy birthday, Des! :beer:
  10. Lord Seamus

    Michale Jackson Has Died

    Only a complete gobshite would say something like that. I've scraped better than you off the soles of my combat boots. I would request this thread be closed before I and several others quit biting our tongues and start responding appropriately.
  11. Lord Seamus

    New stuff

    Beautiful work!
  12. Lord Seamus

    Chainmaille pouch!

  13. Lord Seamus

    Another first timer

    Very nice work!
  14. Lord Seamus

    Ren Faire Tents

    Try this place: http://www.pantherprimitives.com/
  15. Lord Seamus

    Kittens (pics)

    Cute kitties!