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    I remember this busier.

  2. ctsoth

    I remember this busier.

    You changed the terms of my argument in order to prove your point. I didn't endorse attacking people or any such manner of mischief. And it might work out for some people that the forum is as civilized as you say, but the reality is, it's a dead forum relative to its past. Edit: By civilized conversation, I think you mean a complete absence of conversation. Look at the dates on the front page of this forum.
  3. ctsoth

    I remember this busier.

    Many people stopped visiting the forum because of all the rules. There used to be many ongoing rigorous debates at any one time... Then discourse was shut down, to avoid anyone being offended. Now this forum is like many safety optimized settings, boring and sanatized.
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    Please, everyone.

    i wunder h0w meny w1ne thrdz lk th1s hv pupped up ovr teh yrs I've always found it more frustrating to read about people complaining about other peoples writing than reading the writing being complained about. It's not so hard to just put up with something that bothers you.
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    EVE online anyone?

    Carrier/Dread skills will likely eat up a lot more time than you anticipate, unless you have already been training them for six months to a year... I am an excellent carrier pilot, Minmatar Carrier 5 + very good support skills in all areas... It took forever. When it comes to the purchase I always recommend going carrier first unless you have the capital to purchase and fit the two at once. Carriers are very useful for personal logistics, and jump Calibration 5 is very important for Dread pilots, and important for carriers... Carriers bring freedom, Dreads bring obligation. [unless you're a big enough sap to get roped into POS repping or similar nonsense] I currently live out of 1h4v, the surround systems, Saminer --> Amarr, and Ichoriya & Ikami mission hubs. As I said earlier I really have no idea what I am going to do when I get back in game though... I wouldn't mind being a trade/logistics officer for a corp/alliance... I have a stupid amount of pvp experience, but pvp takes time, and trading, relatively, doesn't and it pays for plexes. -Chris
  6. ctsoth

    EVE online anyone?

    Onewingedangel, Amarrmatar, All Amarr/Minmatar subcaps, Minmatar Caps... I'm out of town right now, so I haven't been on in a while, but I've been toolin around in STAIN for a while... Not really sure what I am going to do when i get back.
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    Not sure why anyone would even think to call EPA..... Anyway, bad taste doesn't inherently mean that the water is dangerous or unhealthy. The water at my work is loaded with iron giving it a fairly foul taste. A relative of mine has a lake home with water that smells like a bog.
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    Why would you call a government agency to test your water? Anyway, open up the phone book. If you can't get a company to come out and check your water send samples to a lab. Anyone with a well should have their water tested. Anyway I am a little confused about whether your post is copied and pasted from something or if it is a problem that really pertains to you.
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    No mailing for me... For now...

    Jam your pliers into your cast... That's what I did when I broke my arm. Most productive mailling spree I ever went on.
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    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1253438/Mid-Staffordshire-NHS-hospital-routinely-neglected-patients.html http://www.independent.co.uk/opinion/leading-articles/leading-article-the-real-lessons-of-this-nhs-disaster-1909596.html http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_and_style/health/article7039285.ece I can't wait till we have socialized medicine.
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    . I couldn't agree more with you regarding tort reform, I'm just confused about your faith in the Fed's role in medicine being that 2/3 Medicare dollars spent are waste/fraud/abuse..... Ultimately injecting the federal government into your health care is really the worst idea I can think of. First you are subjecting your own health care to politics, always a brilliant idea. Second all it is going to do is drive costs up. Third, the federal government has no legal right to the health care system, especially since individual states have their own rules and regulations. Sure I could mention the 10th Amendment to the constitution but nobody really cares about anything in the constitution unless its the first amendment and their the ones talking. To further illustrate my point on Fed. oversight lets go on a trip down the yellow brick road and assume that Congress/PBO comes up with a federal oversight plan that makes sense and would actually work. Don't trick yourself into thinking that this is a good thing, because this federal oversight is subject to the political winds of the future is subject to change for the better or worse. Oh sure we could call this scare tactics if we together had no imagination. What we should call it is political reality. Suddenly in this land of oz your health care is in the hands of a politician who is 'looking out for/making investments in you. A principle truth in life is that if you don't look out for yourself nobody else will. Finally Federal health legislation should never be approved for the reason that it cements the power of the ruling party. As in England the opposition party can't run on the premise of taking out the NHS because the votes have already been purchased. The opposition runs on the 'lets make the NHS more efficient' premise... You see this in every country with socialized medicine, the opposition and ruling parties maintaining many of the same policies. Well, in Europe conservative opposition also gets gunned down in the streets ::cough:: Denmark ::cough::
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    Wish me Luck

    Be fast and don't draw attention to yourself. Good Luck.
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    Don't put yourself down man! You hit the nail on the head, tort reform... If any health care legislation lacks tort reform it is a dog and pony show, a power grab, or both. Maybe if doctors didn't pay 10k-100k+ [depending on location] per year in malpractice insurance health care would be cheaper. Don't forget that doctors actually have to send people willy nilly to every test because if they don't test for something they are liable... Oh trial lawyers, we love you. Trial lawyers are just so wonderful... All the hundreds of millions of dollars they made off the tobacco industry in the name of health justice really puts a smile on my face... My favorite trial lawyers during the famous tobacco trials were those so resourceful they set up their own anti tobacco grass roots campaigns to fuel lawsuits. Don't forget that trial lawyers are one of the largest contributors/lobbyists of the Democratic Socialist party of America. You wanna talk about milkers?
  14. ctsoth


    Ahh black and white, so passe. Okay I'll play your game where you don't have to justify anything you say and I have to prove you wrong. Sure strictly speaking the burden of proof is on you and your statements but I'm a nice guy, froth included. Do you really think doctors are there to milk people? If so what is the difference in morality between a doctor who works in the free market and a doctor who works in a public hospital? Do they go to different medical schools? Does everyone with exceptional moral clarity get a government job while only the greedy pursue work in the private sector? Is a government worker a morally greater person than a private citizen? Does the chiropractor really have nothing to do with the medical system? What if the chiropractor holds a medical license [many do]? Is that person suddenly a 'milker' as you would say now that they have a medical license? Do you believe that most men and women in America who go to medical school dry wash their hands and drool during their classes dreaming of all the delicious monies they will pry from the hands of the elderly and infirm? In reality, those who take out 250k-500k loans [or more] to pursue their dreams in the medical field are doing just that, pursing their dreams. What selfish evil loathable bastards. My apologies for not addressing your original post to your satisfaction, I mistook your 'arguments' for leftist rhetoric easily available on any blog. When postulating such nonsense do you ever ask yourself questions? Do you ever say 'what would the consequences be if this really came to pass? How would these things effect people?' Finally, in a profitable system there is room for charity. In your social utopia out of budget means your at the end of the road. 'I'm sorry sir but we just can't make this investment in you, you only have say 5 years tops of taxable income left.' http://health.mytelus.com/channel_health_news_details.asp?news_id=3881&channel_id=0 Oh sure there's plenty of horror stories regarding the medical system of any country but bureaucracy is high up on the list of killers anywhere. Of course there are bureaucrats in the private system, but in dealing with them you have the government [in theory] on your side in cases of abuse or negligence. In social wonderland it is you pit against the government. Good luck with that one. I don't think that I will ever quite understand the logic behind the thought that if we could just put everything that 'really matters' under the purview of a central government everything will be wonderful and the evil people everywhere will be really held accountable. Really genius I think, I must be lacking in the brain box.
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    You do realize that an entity which is not profitable is loosing money right? You know that money isn't brought down every night by the magic money fairy so we can afford the things that 'really matter' right? My friend is a Chiropractor. Should he close his business and send his patients away to a Government Clinic? My cousin is a doctor, should she leave her clinic and get a job at an abortion clinic so she can serve her community? Last time we spoke she didn't try pushing any drugs on me... I am a beekeeper and starting Apitherapist, should I tell a prospective customer to pike off and get his own hive rather than feeding my greedy capitalist pockets?
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    WOW! Cost of Car Parts

    You could have swapped out the transmission for less than that.
  17. ctsoth

    Avatar: The movie

    Defs Pocahontas, or Ferngully with gunz.
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    And I wondered why this forum was dead

    @_@ I remember when there was more than one page in the chat room... The cause? Leftists stifling creative discussion. Call me radical, but I'm not the one who killed the chat room.
  19. ctsoth

    2009 Minnesota Renaissance Festival

    So, I will be there on the 22nd. As for time I will be going at 8am or Noon. I will be staying till approximately 4pm. Where do you peoples want to meet?
  20. ctsoth

    Sculpture Weaves

    I am looking for various weaves that I can use in rigid sculpture work, along with ring sizes/aspect ratios. I have a project that is.... muchos complicated, and I am a nub to sculpture work. I promise to post pics when it is done; who knows when that will be. Metals to be used are Stainless Steal for frame and likely copper, unfortunately the amount needed has me worried about weight so I may settle for annodized aluminum or titanium.
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    I was wondering what publications ya'll subscribe to. I know that there are some magazines that have decent maille info but I don't know which... Also I know that many of us use beads and gems in our work, and I was wondering what your best resources are.
  22. ctsoth

    Hell on Earth...

    We've only had a week of summer here, I think it was in may.
  23. ctsoth

    18+ Chat Room

    Well, I had a thought [rare occasion] the other day. An 18+ chat room validated in the same manner as the BRG so discussions can actually take place; rather than the current lock anything with a heartbeat policy. Such a chat room would need a new sort of moderator, not afraid of cuts and bruises. I hereby volunteer myself, I promise as moderator I will do nothing. I am actually serious.