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    SCA, renfaires, belly dancing, alternative lifestyles. It's just a long list might be easier to say what I'm not into lol.

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  1. Anakhet

    Stainless Steel - Black and Plain

    I am going to assume the ETA is "when ever it shows up" but is there one for: W-JSSS16
  2. Anakhet

    Niobium - Anodized, black and raw

    Is there an ETA on the anodized 18 gauge 1/4 niobium for dark rose and cobalt?
  3. Anakhet

    Titanium - Anodized and Plain

    Is there an ETA on TI16516NoColor?
  4. Anakhet

    So what were they?

    I haven't noticed that with these but still figured I should ask and make sure.
  5. Anakhet

    So what were they?

    That's what I'm wanting to assume but I don't want to risk heating them up if they were galvy.
  6. Anakhet

    So what were they?

    A rather long time ago TRL used to sell overlap rings for those who wanted to do rivet maille. I happen to have a bag of them but they don't have the whole for said rivets pre-punched. Does anyone know what material they were? After flattening trying to punch them has proved harder than I thought it would be so I want to try heating them. PS: if anyone has them flung into a back corner collecting dust and want to get rid of them I will happily take them off your hands.
  7. Anakhet

    Aluminum - Bright

    I was wondering when the 14g 3/8th BA machine cut was going to be restocked?
  8. Anakhet

    Tools - all pliers, cutters etc

    Wonderful! I need to rest my hands anyway and count scales so I'll hold off a few days.
  9. Anakhet

    Tools - all pliers, cutters etc

    Getting a large order together for a customer. Wondering if there was an updated on the jewelry welder's restocking date?
  10. Anakhet

    Tools - all pliers, cutters etc

    Is the KXWelderJewelry welder still planning to be restocked in the next couple of months?
  11. Anakhet

    Mermaid tail for 42cm MSD Ball Joint Doll

    This is amazing! I have a page on facebook called Chainmail is Art, I would love to share this on there if I may. Just let me know how to credit you..
  12. Anakhet

    Scales - all materials and sizes

    Is there an ETA for XL black scales?
  13. Anakhet

    Back of the Capt. Shield

    The frame is made from MDF wood cut with a laser cutter at the Tampa HackerSpace. I used paracord to attach the scales onto the frame, both around the edges and at the first ring.

    © Gypsy's Weavings

  14. Anakhet

    Custom Capt. Shield

    Here is the front of a custom Captain America shield I made for a local cosplayer. It measures about 18 inches across with a wood frame allow it to be permitted into the local conventions as a prop. The wood asks as a safety net making it less dangerous and less likely to be used as a weapon.

    © Gypsy's Weavings

  15. Anakhet

    Dragon Tail!

    Somewhere between 3-400 I want to say. Trust me have a large stabling ring at the top and have it tight against your back. It helps with the weight.