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    SCA, renfaires, belly dancing, alternative lifestyles. It's just a long list might be easier to say what I'm not into lol.
  1. This is amazing! I have a page on facebook called Chainmail is Art, I would love to share this on there if I may. Just let me know how to credit you..
  2. Is there an ETA for XL black scales?
  3. The frame is made from MDF wood cut with a laser cutter at the Tampa HackerSpace. I used paracord to attach the scales onto the frame, both around the edges and at the first ring.

    © Gypsy's Weavings

  4. Here is the front of a custom Captain America shield I made for a local cosplayer. It measures about 18 inches across with a wood frame allow it to be permitted into the local conventions as a prop. The wood asks as a safety net making it less dangerous and less likely to be used as a weapon.

    © Gypsy's Weavings

  5. Somewhere between 3-400 I want to say. Trust me have a large stabling ring at the top and have it tight against your back. It helps with the weight.
  6. I work/attend renfaires, anime conventions, and maker faires. Yep I'm a nerd and I'm good with that. Let me be the odd ball, it means I have things I enjoy. Those who try to use the word "nerd" as an insult tend to have very little excitement in their life. "What did you do this weekend?" gets answered with, "I went shopping" but there's no adventure. Call me a nerd and I smile as I bust out singing this:
  7. I made myself a dragon tail! Large scales and links all from TRL.
  8. Recent personal project. Been working on a new belly dance outfit for me to wear.
  9. I spoke to my local rapier marshal. The only way this idea would pass is if it was covered with leather or some other material like that. sorry man.
  10. I would talk to your local rapier marshal. I do heavy weapons so I am most likely wrong in what I"m about to say. Yes the scales would pass the direct puncture test but as Deamora said it could slide under the scales if deflected. So you might be able to get it passed but I wouldn't suggest it. Though for an accurate answer I would make a patch of "fabric" and go speak to your marshals.
  11. Must learn how to make the pattern! :: total fangirling::
  12. omg this is awsome! Is it wrapped around something?
  13. Did you position the D20 so should it hit it should crit every time? because if so that would rock!
  14. Oh that's a cool way!
  15. It would need to be thicker straps. I would do 6-1 straps to help spread out the weight, and a racer strap back so there's none on her neck. while halters are sexy they hurt. A coif style cup would work nicely for supporting her. Then add flair and flavor anyway you want.