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  1. how to describe them, they were a cylinder of mail just enough to hold a standard set of dice, probably the basic 7 dice set, they had a bottle cap in the bottom to keep their shape, and when filled and hanging from your belt looked exactly like a rounded hard cylindrical bags or rod of chain mail. kind of cute idea but impractical. I had dice bags that could hold almost a hundred dice and a few guys said they were too small. oh and Con is now over and I had a really great day today.


    The first dice bag I was ever asked to make was for a friend of mine who probably had every Table Top book memorized. He only wanted a chainmail cover for the bag he already had, which had to be at least a foot wide. He wanted it so he could beat the other players over their heads with it. I haven't seen him in ages due to a bad falling out between me and a close friend of his so I don't know if he still wants it or not, though I know he couldn't find and pre-made ones online that were the right size. 

  2. People don't actually read signs. 10+ years in retail proved THAT to me (we had BIG neon yellow signs about the store closing, had been up for months, and had someone berate me because we didn't have any indication that the store was closing... I was actaully standing in front of one of those signs, it was just above my head, while the customer berated me. I just turned around and looked at the sign and looked back at her after she said she hadn't seen any of the signs I was talking about. :X )

    And I know I'll get that, even with just making bracelets... I guarantee it, I'll hear it (and I'll come back to post it here when it happens) "Well, at least your wrist will be safe from sword attacks!" :rolleyes: Really makes me reconsider having a booth and selling from it, I know I'll have a hard time not just staring at them blankly (my New York attitude can get me in trouble sometimes)...


    My first job was at a University Pool. We had two entrances, one by the front of the building with glass doors and one in the back by the changing rooms and the guard room. The glass doors were always locked except for during the summer, and patrons were suppose to use the other entrance since they already had to go over there to sign in. We had signs ALL OVER the glass doors and the walls around it. We still have people banging on our doors and getting mad when we pointed them down the hall. We even put a huge stand up sign (had to be 2x3 feet) in front of the glass door. You had to walk around it to reach the door... And they still tried knocking on the glass door. Sorry about the long slightly irrelevant story, but I still find it funny. 

  3. I've made hats that were all hand sewn with ears that could literally be pillows (they were Terriermon and Kokomon from the show Digimon, who have huge ears that may as well be inflatable) and people would barely accept more then $15, which is how much a plain hat with flat cat ears are at these conventions. Good thing I made the originals as gifts for my niece and nephew, or that would nearly have been a waste of a lot of materials. 

  4. So I'm still pretty new to chainmail but I have a project idea in mind that I need a little help with. I can't really say what it will be yet, but hopefully I won't need to.


    The project is a gift for some friends of mine at a local Buddhist temple but it will most likely be put outside. While I could probably suggest to them to leave it inside the temple itself, if I can make it rust proof against the rain then thats what I really want to do. Problem is, it needs colored rings. For most of the projects I've made so far, I've just used anodized aluminum rings and scales, but I don't know how well they deal with rust, or any water damage at all for that matter. Sorry if these are things I should know, but I just learn stuff slowly as I go. The main colors I will need are blue, pink, green, and brown, though green and brown are more important. I've had other craft friends suggest things like spraypainting rings I already have and stuff like that, but none of them actually work with chainmail so I think I'd rather get advice here, just in case. Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated.

    Thanks everyone