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    Rings and Pliers

    Neither of those, I'm guessing. They have the hook on one part of the jaw with the groove in it. They were the pair recommended back when I started working chainmail a good handful of years ago. They've worked for everything I've done thus far, I've not worked with scales/rings this tiny in the past. Can you link me to the products?
  2. CJSolo

    Rings and Pliers

    Hey all. Not sure if this is really the exact place to throw out this question but... here goes. Recently, I bought a bunch of jump rings to go with the tiny ionized scales., 20g 7/36 I believe. I had hoped to get them as split rings, but they werent' there. The thing that I'm running into is that I opened a bag to see if I'd be able to work them with my pliers. It doesn't work very well. lol Any suggestions on what to use instead?