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  1. Cevulirn

    Whew! New forum AND my login still works

    Hello again!
  2. Cevulirn

    Whew! New forum AND my login still works

    A random e-mail dragged me back to the forum, and I hardly see any of the old names I recognize so far.
  3. Cevulirn

    New Weapons Rack(s)

    Nice utility rack, and nice way of filling it up.
  4. Cevulirn

    Please pray for my friend.

    Everyone, please say prayer for my friend, Steph. She is under a lot of stress right now, and will probably need surgery. Please. I truly believe that prayer has power, but my prayer alone just isn't enough.
  5. Cevulirn

    EVE online anyone?

    My avatar in Eve online has 10 million SP, and was born in 2006. In other words, I spent most of my time NOT playing eve online. I'll probably come back to it someday though.
  6. Lol... I can think of something worse then this flying across a field, and that is it catching on a wrist strap and coming back at me. There is absolutely nothing safe about this weapon... Or pretty either. Theirs too many burn marks on the wood, and the metal is too jagged for it to be pretty. Oh well, I like weapons, even if they are impractical. I'll post new pics if I figure out a food way to do the handel, but the hickory is so tough, it might be a while.
  7. Its every bit of 4 feet, total length, I don't think a wrist strap would do any good. I do still need to narrow down the handle portion though, I just don't have a good way to do that with hickory. I might try using a plane though..
  8. Dang, has the chat room here like completely died since I've been gone or what? Oh well, here goes. Fresh from my garage, introducing... the KANABO That's a 4 foot long hickory stave set with 10 solid steel spikes, 2 inch spacing at 90 degree rotation. Each 3 inch double ended spike is set in place with a solid 3/16ths rod, peined in place on both sides. I've still got to narrow down the 'handle' portion a little, probably with a plane, and finish any grip I decide to add, but the damage potential is there now
  9. Cevulirn


    Well, its that time of the year. Dragon*Con! The chain dress should be alive and walking again this year, (well, I have someone to wear it after a re-work,) and my bronze and neoprene will be out again... Not much new though. If ya see me, (Big guy, with big hat, big swords, and black and bronze armor,) feel free to say HI.
  10. Cevulirn

    Loren the hand model

    Lol, that's him alright!
  11. Cevulirn

    HOLY CRAP, I'm not dead

    *has forgotten how many times his post count has been reset* Meh, what does it matter? Those who know me don't know me by my post count.
  12. Cevulirn

    video cards

    If you haven't already purchased, I'd reccomend going with Intel. Intel whalloped AMD with there Core 2 series of processors, and AMD has yet to catch up. You can probably find a Core i7 920 for $200, if your willing to spend a little more on the board, but then you get to run triple channel memory.
  13. Cevulirn

    video cards

  14. Cevulirn


    Thanks for fixing my post Bernice, I tried a couple things but they didn't work. My friend bows to the altar of Science. I believe that there's things that science can not explain. I believe my friend might actually be disturbed by these 'shadowmen' so I'm looking for both information and a possible way to 'deal' with the situation. Thanks, Cev
  15. Cevulirn


    Wow, this place is dead... Well, if there's some breath of life here, I've got a topic that I could use some information on. Shadowmen. The wikipedia article is useless. Apparently a friend of mine has been seeing them recently. They had no idea what shadow men were until I told them. Anyone have any real information they'd be willing to share, or sources where I can read up on them? Thanks, Cevulirn