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  1. Ire

    Shirt advice (don't we all need that?)

    I find it easiest to do the expansions or contractions afterwards. That way you get to see how it fits without them and adjust accordingly. It may be more work, but I think it's simpler in the end.
  2. Ire

    A new snow suit?

    Mm, I find the army surplus depot has nice coats for cheap xD Still, pretty cool to see maille like that. Although I have to say, I think real maille looks much better
  3. Ire

    Hi Folks >.> KreigHund here.

    -Chuckle.- No, but I have since my KriegHund account was created. I forget exactly what happened, but somehow I lost that account. I made this one back a while ago in order to get one, but I think I was getting some glitch error where it said it sent me my password but it wouldn't. I was too lazy to contact a mod to fix it. -Shrugs.- Working now, anyway. Might be less than four years, I'd have to find my old krieg account and see when the last post was.
  4. Soooo... havn't been on here in AGES. Doubt any of you remember me (Though I do recall a few of you) Recently got back into maille again and ordered some rings from TRL... got around to getting back on here. Glad to see it's still up and running. I think the last time I was on I was 16, and I'm 20 now. Good gods. Wow you guys even still have the beer icon! Cya all around.
  5. Ire

    New User Thread

    Used to be known as KriegHund. Started making maille again... so... I rejoined. -shrug- Hello.