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  1. FallenStar

    Stainless Steel - Black and Plain

    Any word on SS18516? Or could anyone recommend a better size that's in stock to make a cast iron scrubber? Thanks!
  2. FallenStar

    Need Dark Rose 16swg 1/4"

    Anyone?? I really don't want to dismantle my project but I'll have to if I can't get the rings. (I know, my fault, it would just really suck.)
  3. FallenStar

    Can you keep Dark Rose?

    Any chance you guys might keep this as a permanent color? I love it a lot more than the regular pink color and hoping others feel the same and I know you guys have sometimes kept colors that were popular such as seafoam. Thank you!!!
  4. FallenStar

    Need Dark Rose 16swg 1/4"

    I'm working on a project that I started after I bought two bags of the dark rose 16swg 1/4" and it wound up being bigger than I expected. If anyone has any bags to sell please let me know! I'm in San Antonio, Texas, and, of course, will pay for shipping. I'll take as many bags as I can get depending on price since I just love this color anyway. Thank you!!
  5. FallenStar

    Lady Bug Picnic

    Would there happen to be a tutorial on this somewhere?
  6. FallenStar

    Black Scales

    I hope I'm posting this in the right section. I was just curious why in the mixed bag the black scales are colored on both sides but when buying just the black it's only one side? And would there be a possibility of the black scales ever being colored on both sides? I make jangly bracelets with the scales and my biggest customer likes black (she's a huge Ravens fan so black and purple are a MUST) but she doesn't like silver so I would have to buy mixed bags whenever she wants something made that will show both sides of the scales.
  7. FallenStar

    Hand Sawing?

  8. FallenStar

    Hand Sawing?

    Thanks for the link but I don't want to work with dangerous materials since I have two small children. And I live on military base housing and I'm pretty sure they won't allow it either. Maybe one day in the far future I'll be able to anodize my own.
  9. FallenStar

    Hand Sawing?

    So other than what kinds of wire are available to me and recommendations of how to anodize wire myself, can anyone answer my other questions about how to physically cut the cut the coils correctly? Should I hold it by hand? Keep it on the dowel rod - in which case should I use wood or metal rods? DoI keep going in just a downward motion or can I go up and down once a groove is established?
  10. FallenStar

    Hand Sawing?

    Heck no!! If anodizing involves acid I am definitely not doing it myself. Even if I kept it covered in the garage I would still be terrified my kids would get to it somehow some day. I'll just keep looking around at wires I can use.
  11. FallenStar

    Hand Sawing?

    I was worried about that. :/ I really want to use the handsaw my husband gave me but I am very fond of anodized aluminum. And there's no way I could anodize wore/rings myself especially with a torch. I'm a stay-at-home mom of two little kids so I'm lucky enough to carve out time to do chainmail as it is. Besides, I also live on military base housing and I don't think a torch is allowed. I'll have to look around to see what I like in plain metal wires I suppose. Though enamelled copper isn't bad either. I mostly do jewelry items so a small AR isn't that bad for me. Thanks!
  12. FallenStar

    Hand Sawing?

    Um. What????
  13. FallenStar

    Hand Sawing?

    My husband bought me a jewelry handsaw this past Christmas and neither of us have ever used one before. I was going to buy wire from TRL until I read that they don't recommend using the anodized aluminum wire they sell (plus are discontinuing the sizes I would buy). What are some recommendations of where to buy wire to make my own rings? I want wire that is colorful, not anything like galvanized steel that I know I can buy from Home Depot, Lowes, etc. I don't know if they have anything like anodized aluminum or not, haven't had a chance to check. My preference for gauge is anything from 16-20 gauge. Also, is there any website that will tell me which saw size is best for which gauge? And how should I saw the wire? My husband recommended using wooden dowel rods and cutting the rings on the dowel rod in case I cut through the first rings I won't accidentally cut into the other side or ruin the blade I'm using on a metal dowel rod. Do I keep cutting down in one way until I cut through or once I have a groove can I cut ack and forth? I am utterly clueless so any help at all would be amazing. (I do have lubricant for the blades already.)
  14. FallenStar

    Need Help with FP 6-in-1 Rings

    Well, I was able to do it but barely!! I used 14g 3/8" rings. Some rings aren't perfectedly closed and there's definitely a good bit of scratch marks on the outside rings but next time I'll go with a higher AR. Thank you so much for your help!! I told my husband about the AR recommendation on that site and how there's no way anything lower than a 5.0 would work for this.
  15. FallenStar

    Need Help with FP 6-in-1 Rings

    This is the tutorial I was looking at - http://www.maileofthedreamseeker.com/instructions/fullpersiancrosses.html I'll try an AR of 5.0. Thanks!