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    well lets see i am 22 married with two wonderful boys ages 4,1 been in iraq twice love having fun
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    Reading, D&D, Surfing and well of course
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  1. DarkPredator

    You might be a mailler if...

    YMBAMI-you get banned from turkish stores on base becauses you make better jewlery then them(and cheaper) -kids stop you on the street on baghdad trying to figure out what that chain is hanging off your bag is -said kids try to steal above maile off yor bag while your walking
  2. DarkPredator

    X-mas gift help

    ok ok i have a idea in my head that i can not get rid of my wife asked for a simple purple rose xmas. thats when i had the idea a chain mail rose is there any sugestions on how to make a flower of some type me and my buddys are brainstromingthis out here in the desert so any sugestions would help
  3. DarkPredator

    Obama wins!!!

    well i am glad my home state voted for a guy from there. but know i got to go looking for a new job becasues well four years shooting rockets is not the best thing to put on a resume who knows maybe they wont cut military spending to badly
  4. DarkPredator

    Halloween 2008

    mine was not that bad started off terable humvee blew a transmission so had to replace that then got to go shoot some rounds off with SF and well we playd poker all night not bad for a days work
  5. DarkPredator

    Whats your Background?

    Well i am a mutt too grew up in a navy familiy was born in hawaii and moved to colorodo moved back to hawaii when i was six and stayed there till i turned 18. grew up watching robin hood and was never big into reading till about 7th grade (Battletech first) BUt was always into knights and archery. well in high school i applyed nd got accepted into west point military acadamy. (But when i got my acceptince letter and parents where in vegas me and then girl frind got drunk and well 9 months later or oldest son was born) Got married and joined the Army as a intell analyst (Failed out of that) and reclassed over to Artillery (Rockets go boom) after a year and a hlaf of schooling and a marraige to the army and a wonderfull wife the army decided to cheat on me and send me to iraq as a truck driver (Yhea from shooting rockets to driving a semi i know weird) got back from the desert with all ten fingures and toes and my little sanaty still intact. had another kid and volenterd to go back to shoot rockets. while suffering a nervious break down and getting my life back in order (all in the desert) a frind suggested i get a hobbie was looking at modle helicopter flying but was to expensive and my frind had some rings from TRL and the rest is history bought my own rings and making decent jewlery now for about 4 months and working on my first clothing pice right now (bracers) said wonderfull wife loves the new braclet i make her and the kids love going to medival times and reenacting faires would love to learn how to get into reenacting my shelf but not til i get back from the sand box.so to recap Worked as a tour guide on the USS Missouri had a son got married Joined the army been to Iraq twice and thats it:cool:
  6. DarkPredator

    I have the toughest parents on Earth!

    Gunzor first off tell your dad thank you from the bottom of my hart for his service. secondly your parents health well be in my prayers and have the best of luck with your genes:beer:
  7. DarkPredator

    Uber Mail (sort of) for road safety

    lol thanks for reminding me we got the same thing in hawaii should get a photo of it next to my hous when i go home on leave Gods be willing let it be soon:D
  8. DarkPredator

    HP3-1S6 mini bracer

    thanks phong for the ideas me and my buddy are going to try those out love the bracer hopefully mine comes out at least half as nice:eek:
  9. DarkPredator


    ok i am new to the craft made some bracelets and crosses and thats about it but i was requested to make a pair of bracers wow weave would be the best and just any advice would be great Thanks every one
  10. DarkPredator

    I love mailing at work

    congrads on the sale mine was something like that a firnd of mine got me into this craft and i was working on a braclet E4-1 for my wife and well we only bought rings and no clasps so when i fnished my braclet i was walking around the base looking at all the shops the turkish ppl had and trying to get a clasp (gt ripped off bought ONE clasp for 10 USD) but just me walking around trying to find it i had about 15 ppl requesting braclets and so forth (Made my 10 bucks back just going to the post office to mail my wifes gift off)
  11. DarkPredator

    What tools do you use when weaving?

    two millitary issued black gerbers for now getting some needle nose pliers and other mailed to me right now
  12. DarkPredator

    How do you store your supplies?

    home made box (baby wipe box,JB weilded Wood dividers for the diffrent links and my gerbers go in my body armor carrer and my weapon cleaning kit)
  13. DarkPredator

    The Ever Common Dice Bag

    got my curiuiosty going please explaine:confused: its bad enough i have had a simmiuler experince
  14. DarkPredator

    Large Blackened Stainless Scale Vest

    :eek:wow vey nice i never have messed withh scales (Just getting into every thing right now) BUT all i got to say is wow:beer: