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    What's everyone doing?

    That looks great. I've been learning to work with leather - still a lot to learn, but a lot of fun. I need to get some pictures. Did some leather armor, a belt for my granddaughter, a knife sheath, and a few other odds and ends. I need to retire so I have more time to play with my hobbies.
  2. EWCarman

    Persian set with swarovski crystal pendant

    Beautiful - Great work with the colors and design.
  3. EWCarman

    Mars Insight

    It may be a little too late to suggest this, but perhaps for next time - Alien Maille?
  4. EWCarman

    Witcher 3 Ursine Armor

    It looks more like 4-1 to me. I took the image into gimp to try and get a closer look. Perhaps someone with younger eyes could chime in as well. Also curious how easy it would be to walk around with just the opening in the front. Good luck! Pictures as you make progress, please.
  5. EWCarman

    Plastic Rings: Which is best and strongest

    Here you go.
  6. EWCarman

    Wire Gauge

    Since there are two gauge systems, there are always two answers to the question "what is 16g" - however.... When you purchase rings here, the 16g rings refer to the SWG gauge system. You can see that here: http://theringlord.com/cart/shopdisplayproducts.asp?id=29&cat=Machine+Cut+Stainless+Steel+Jump+Rings If you scroll down to the 16g selection, you'll see the following Stainless Steel 16g Wire Dia.: 0.0625" (1.59mm = 16g SWG = 14g AWG) Other useful info which you may have already found: http://theringlord.com/cart/shopcontent.asp?type=WireGauge http://theringlord.com/cart/shopcontent.asp?type=wiregaugetable HTH
  7. EWCarman

    Dragonscale Chinese mountain armor

    That is phenomenal. The pattern shift at the neck is really nice.
  8. EWCarman

    Img 9666

    Very nice. Cool focal. Looks like you've been busy.
  9. EWCarman

    Scalemail Hauberk (Complete)

    That is an amazing piece. Congratulations on completing it.
  10. EWCarman

    Drilling Swarovski?

    Have you considered wire-wrapping? It may not match you design aesthetic, but could be done so the wire creates your attachment points. It would take some creativity, to be sure, but something else to consider.
  11. I've made some Sterling and Blackened Niobium earrings which I just tumbled using a vibratory tumbler and crushed corn cob media. I tumbled them for about three hours and the Sterling is shiny and the Niobium does not appear to be any the worse for wear. I know the blackening is a different process than anodizing but thought I'd share.
  12. EWCarman

    I need some pointers

    I'm doing the same thing for my daughter's wedding. I'll be making necklaces and earrings for the bride's maids and my daughter. While we haven't figured out what I'll be making my daughter, she has decided that we will be using 18 5/32 sterling and niobium rings for a byz necklace and earrings. We'll also be adding in some Swarovski pearls and crystal hearts as accents. The 18 5/32 doesn't seem too bulky, but the will of the bride is paramount. I don't have any pictures yet as all I've done on it so far is a test chain with multiple elements so she could see what they looked like and make some decisions. One thing we are doing is including this: http://www.artbeads.com/psa-msend009.html We are using it more as a part of the focal from which to hang the crystal heart. It sort of helps to downplay the size of the chain. Best of luck!
  13. EWCarman


    I use Picasa (free from Google) to organize most of my photos and you can export a picture(s) to a folder. When doing so, you have the option to re-size it. I've done this for the last several photos I've posted here. Good size reduction and quality of resulting photo. HTH
  14. EWCarman

    Stainless Scale Discussion

    I've got a bag of the large stainless scales that I ordered a couple of months ago (August, I believe). They have a brushed look, certainly not scratched.
  15. EWCarman

    Armor Stand

    I made a simple armor stand this weekend. It makes for a nice display and I think it will help with some of the alterations I want to make to the shirt. There weren't a lot of plans I found that I liked, so I modified the plans for a small round table to make the base. I couldn't find 4x4s that weren't pressure treated, so I made my own with a couple of 2x4s and and 1x4, a little glue and some screws. Has an interesting look from the side, but I think I'd prefer to have used a 4x4. The whole thing stands about 64 inches. I meant to make it a little shorter, but forgot to calculate the height of the base.
  16. EWCarman

    The new Tronex Pliers

    Mine should be here on Wednesday. I'm looking forward to trying them with stainless. The ones I use for stainless now cause my hands to fatigue and blister after a short time - even with gloves. With any luck these will fit a lot better. Also, I use a smaller pair dipped in Tool-Dip when I'm working with larger anodized aluminum rings. These look like they'll disperse the pressure enough that I can use them without modification and won't scratch the coating off the rings. If they work well in either of these cases I'll be happy.
  17. EWCarman

    Armor Stand

    Thank you both. I actually saw plans for a portable one in my searching. http://www.housebarra.com/PastTimes/articles/armorstand.html It was a lot more involved but if you are looking to cart it around, might be an interesting option. This one was really cool, but I don't have the skill, time, patience, <insert additional excuse> to try it. http://www.yeoldegaffers.com/project_deluxe_stand.asp
  18. EWCarman

    DragonCon 2013 Costume Stuff

    And finally, some of the more interesting stuff. What would DragonCon be without dragons? I had a few ideas that really didn't pan out for these guys, but I think they turned out pretty well. The red-black dragon was my first attempt/prototype. He's been re-built a number of times. I think I did the face at least 6 times before I settled on what it looks like now. This is done with E6-1 using 3 different ring sizes. The basic idea is to have the little guy accompany me around the con and by hanging on my shoulder checking out the sights. If you notice the basic shape of him, you can possibly see the abstract silhouette of the dragon on the shirt a little better. The lavender and pink dragon I did for my wife. (She chose the colors - no stereotypes being forced here.) This was a little more along the lines of my original thoughts. I was originally thinking of making a hand-flower out of the dragon with the wings acting as more of a wrist-cuff. I still might try that at some point, but then I thought about doing it a little backwards. So the tail (attached to her finger with a small bit of elastic) acts as the hand-flower and the dragon is hugging her upper-arm while looking around. It's pretty cute. I'm not sure how they will handle the hustle and bustle of the con, but I can always fix them if they break. You might also note that the faces are a little different between the two because I ordered the wrong rings (for the pink one) and had to improvise a little. Also, I used some 12g house wire to stiffen the heads and necks. I used some 14g house wire leaving the black plastic sleeve to help shape the wings of the red-black dragon. The pink one has some elastic cord threaded through the top of the wings to make it hug.
  19. EWCarman

    DragonCon 2013 Costume Stuff

    I've been working on some armor and other trinkets to wear at DragonCon this year. If history is any indicator, they will remain a work in progress for years to come. There are some experiments here and I'm not quite happy with all of it... The picture in my head seems to always be much cooler than the outcome. But I think some of it has come out pretty well. The first two are images of a typical shirt. The back has an abstract dragon made from scales. This will make more sense when you see the other photos uploaded in a bit. I built up the neck and in the second photo you can see that I've used some leather to lace up the neck. The whole neckline will likely change in future generations. I've got some ideas involving leather that I want to play with.
  20. EWCarman

    DragonCon 2013 Costume Stuff

    These images show my sword that I've used some stainless 2x2 chain to "peace-tie" so they'll let me carry it. It really works well. The second image is the coif that is definitely a work in progress and may not be completed in time - although that might not stop me from wearing it anyway.
  21. If you "weld" the rings and then bake them, is there any risk of toxic out-gassing or fire from the cement or its residue?
  22. The wage portion is actually considered cost in this equation. Consider this.... As a business, you are the boss and you pay someone to make these for you. If you are paying $20 ($21) per hour, you can certainly see how this is a cost that you have incurred. Just because it is you doing the work doesn't change this equation. You are just wearing a different hat when you are making them. Sales Price - (Material Cost + Labor) = Gross Profit. So, in your example: $12 - ($1 + $7) = $4. Your proceeds are just $4. Of course, what you choose to donate to charity is up to you. If you promised to donate all proceeds, you are on the hook for $4 an item. Good luck on your sales for this worthy cause. Best Regards
  23. EWCarman


    Dragon*Con is held in Atlanta, Georgia. This is it's 24th year. You can learn more at: Dragon*Con It's a lot of fun. Unfortunately I can't go this year, but my wife promised we will make it next year and even offered to buy the tickets as soon as they go on sale. Best Regards, Eric
  24. EWCarman

    zlosk.com is moving... but where?

    I've been using ANHosting for a few years and have been pretty happy with it. I'm not stressing it out, mind you, but it does what I want. It seems that they are running $5.21/month now. This is down from when I first signed up, so that is good. http://www.anhosting.com/hosting/ My company's website: http://www.ecsoftwareconsulting.com if you want to beat up on it to see if it performs like you'd like. Good luck - hope you find a good spot. Best Regards, Eric
  25. EWCarman

    Prom 2009 Jewelry

    Thank you all for your kind remarks.