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    I'm in Rockford (a few hours south west of Chicago)
  2. aligroen

    Anodized Aluminum Earrings Question

    I will usually just use stainless steel earwires. They don't necessarily match, but you also do't have to worry about any allergic reactions.
  3. aligroen

    SCA question

    You don't need to get a membership for your son. My daughter is two and we still have not gotten a membership for her. Most events that we have been to it is free for children 5 and under.
  4. aligroen

    deviantArt members out there?

  5. aligroen

    wedding rings

    I would say that whatever you decide to use that you use at least half-hard wire.
  6. aligroen

    Super Shiny Anodized Aluminum

    To get BA rings shiny all you need to do is tumble them or wash them with soap and water. I haven't had a problem with any of my BA getting dull.
  7. aligroen

    Having a serious issue...

    You didn't say how much chain you got for the $75, but www.metalliferous.com has stainless steel chain.
  8. aligroen

    Can I order something special-made from TRL?

    http://www.findingking.com/p-36784-linking-ring.aspx This website has a SS Jump Ring Tool.
  9. aligroen

    18ga Sterling Silver

    Do you have an estimated date of when you will have 18 ga sterling silver rings in stock?
  10. aligroen

    The first piece you made

    First thing I ever made was a pair of byzantine earrings. in 20ga 1/8"
  11. aligroen

    How do you store your supplies?

    I have been using the craftmates containers and I also got the carrying bag. I have kept the bag preety packed with finished pieces and my containers and haven't had a problem with anythign breaking. My only problem is I don't know how to store my finished pieces (which are pretty much only jewelry).