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  1. Galileo

    Seeking Stainless Steel Bells

    I have purchased from Fire Mountain Gems without issue and received quality products. I have not purchased the bells, however.
  2. Galileo

    Other types of armor

    I made 3 ties that I wear on occasion - most recently for an interview. I got the job too
  3. Galileo

    Orbital Byzantine Ring Size Help

    Alright, hopefully you've found your answer in the last 4.5 months... I presume you're talking the outer two weaves there - the center one is the easiest, as it's just a 3-ring mobius joining sections of byzantine weave. I've done orbitals before - I find them a pain. Usually you want the orbital to be a ring size larger than the rest of your weave. It can be done with all the same size, but it puts a lot of strain on the orbital ring in my experience. 20 gauge 1/8" rings makes a nice byzantine - which would help make orbitals it they are at least 5/32". Now, this doesn't count springback, which entirely depends on your material and temper - so you'll have to experiment a little with your materials. I prefer bronze or silver, but when learning, anything will work, though copper might be too soft for a good orbital.
  4. Galileo

    What type of wire to use

    Incidentally, if the zinc plated wire (Galvanized) is all you can get over there, a vinegar bath will strip the zinc off - though it'll take lot of vinegar for a riveted shirt. I'd wind the coils, then give those a soak. You definitely want the zinc gone before applying any heat to anneal the wire.
  5. Galileo

    Suggestions for Micromaille? - Metal Type Help

    I made armour for a lego dude. It was 1/16" rings made of 24g sterling silver wire. The 4 in 1 is very tight, but it's not strong (dead soft wire isn't...). For 20g, I have used stainless, titanium, copper, bronze, aluminum - all down to 3/32" rings. I currently have been wearing a bronze bracelet (20g, 1/8" rings) for over a year (never take it off) - no slipped rings or damage to it.
  6. Galileo

    Wish lists disappear? UPDATE: solved

    Export to excel or similar? I've never had a wish list save for very long - always seems to purge fairly quickly.
  7. Galileo

    STO gold farmers ......

    Now if we could just ban them in-game (get in-game mail from them almost daily).
  8. Galileo

    Hand protection?

    I use ultra-cheap flat-nose pliers (the $1 bin at a hardware store) - biggest thing I look for is the coil-spring release (personal preference). They are small enough I can palm the pliers, so weaving isn't so bad. I have never gotten a blister nor have I ever worn gloves.
  9. Galileo

    Wooden Mail? Possible?

    You could also look into glue bending -- laminating thinner strips of wood into your ring shape. Would take tons of time, but using multiple woods, you could end up with a "pattern-welded" ring. Definitely not for combat, but as an art piece, could be pretty spiffy.
  10. Galileo

    Attaching e4-1 sheet to a zipper

    If they're butted rings, they will work themselves loose. If you use punched rings (washers or similar) at the zipper edge, it will last a LOT longer.
  11. Galileo

    Maille shirt measurement question

    I usually measure at half-stretch. That gives you a little room to get in it and breathe. If you make it at full compression, it'll still work, just be heavier.
  12. Galileo

    Riveted silver?

    Anyone ever made riveted maille from silver rings? My muse is cruel and has locked this in my head. Looking at making wedge-riveted silver stuff (probably 20g sterling, since I have a bit of it laying around here). I haven't made up my drift yet, but I can easily make the rivet setting pliers and the cutters with what I have here. Anyone see any problems with the idea (other than the expense of the material)? G--
  13. Galileo

    Maille and plate armour - polish version

    I don't know that it's lined - I think that's the dummy they put it on for the pictures. I suppose any sort of padded jack underneath would work well. What I DON'T see is any sort of buckle - so, would you put this on like a t-shirt (over the head)?
  14. original link http://velizariy.kiev.ua/avallon/museum/husariya%20polska/husariya%20polska.html How many plates (and what overall shape) do you think they used here? It's interesting, though might cause motion-sickness to the opponent
  15. Galileo

    Valairis Dragonspine(new weave)

    Looks like a large ring (the gold one) going through the outer two small rings, large ring sandwiched between 2 small rings, which are also joining the outer two rings with the inner (center) one. Interesting. I like it. G--