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  1. Geoffrey the Madde

    Dyeing TRL's engineered plastic rings

    Dying? Methinks thou didst intend to write "dyeing". GtM
  2. Geoffrey the Madde

    Self employed?

    Self-employed? Does retired count?
  3. Geoffrey the Madde


    Sometimes the dragon wins. By GTM.
  4. Geoffrey the Madde


    3rd of three halters by GTM. Center ring and straps since modified. - GTM
  5. Geoffrey the Madde


    2nd of three halters by GTM. Center ring and straps since modified. - GTM
  6. Geoffrey the Madde


    1st of three halters by GTM. Center ring and straps since modified. - GTM
  7. Geoffrey the Madde


    First maille dress by GTM. 0.035" 5356 aluminum with brass falcon detailing. - GTM
  8. Geoffrey the Madde


    Original (MIA) mesh dress by GTM. - GTM
  9. Geoffrey the Madde


    Original (MIA) mesh dress by GTM. - GTM
  10. Geoffrey the Madde


    Original (MIA) mesh dress by GTM. Shot taken at Ohio maille gathering. - GTM
  11. Geoffrey the Madde


    Patty, Maxine and Laverne. Points for getting reference. First three versions of maille bikini by GTM. Center ring position on halters has been modified on originals and later versions.
  12. Geoffrey the Madde


    First mesh dress by GTM. Currently (as of 02/24/2010) missing in action. About 35000 rings total, 3+ lb (1.4+ kg) heft. - GTM
  13. Geoffrey the Madde


    Early version of maille bikini by GTM. Revised forms have double cable chain straps and a modification on the halter's center ring. - GTM
  14. Geoffrey the Madde

    A Journey To The Smallest Elfweave Ever?

    Don't sneeze.
  15. Geoffrey the Madde


    Fusing/welding platinum? Break out the SPF 100 sunscreen. The temperatures required raise the platinum to white hot and it emits a LOT of ultra violet radiation at that point. Welder's goggles are definitely needed! You will probably need a hydrogen-oxygen system to get that high. Have fun, GtM
  16. Geoffrey the Madde

    28 AWG silver plated copper wire?

    Muirgheal, Took all your rings? As in loose non-precious stock or as in Loren's finished jewelry? The first is bad, the second is a major crime! GtM
  17. Geoffrey the Madde

    Fun picture

    Tink, Warm those up before trying on! Even with a lining you will experience a bit of thermal shock! Negative thermal, that is. GtM
  18. Geoffrey the Madde

    first micromaille

    Buddha, I have a decent stereo microscope with three viewing powers but I lack the micro-manipulators (micro-waldos?). Had I the latter I would do something with the AWG 35 gauge suture wire I frustrated Rygar and the other with. GtM
  19. Geoffrey the Madde

    I like blowen' things up

    Lost my eyebrows to a pile of black powder in high school. Wore geeky glasses at time so I was saved a far worse loss. Last time I tried something that stupid. Home-made pyrotechnics are probably high on the list of Darwin Award categories. Let's be careful out there, okay? GtM
  20. Geoffrey the Madde

    Calling All Red Socks Fans

    Aaarrrggh! You have fallen in with the Evil Empire! Escape while you still have a vestige of your soul! You CAN be saved! Of course you will end up rooting for the Chicago Cubs but we all have to do some act of repentance in our lives. GtM
  21. Geoffrey the Madde

    A Chainmaille Faerie

    And I thought I was a tad OCD with the small stuff. And it was ALL hand cut with a jeweler's saw? H'mm. I see matching Bellevue tuxes for the pair of you in the near future. GtM
  22. Geoffrey the Madde

    Let this be a lesson...

    Wyrd Chains: Go for bottom feeders. Carpe carp. Go for rugs. Carpe carpets. Go for auto repo. Carpe cars. Get for wrist problems. Carpe carpal (tunnel syndrome). Go for commuting. Carpe carpool. Go for old "Tonight" tapes. Carpe Carson. GtM - candidate for both a Bellevue tuxedo and the matching upholstered guest suite.
  23. Geoffrey the Madde

    Photo clarity check, again

    Suggestion: digital SLR. Visually WYSIWYG, saving a lot of hair pulling in composition and focusing. A low-end model with interchangeable lenses is best. Some will even take the older manual focus lenses. Used models can be found because of the serious mental condition called pixelitis: a mad desire by photographers for more and more pixels on the CCD; which can only be cured by buying the newer, bigger models. Alternative suggestion: check among local friends to see who has such a camera. Either have same take pictures or, with extreme care, borrow the camera. Most will take the pictures rather than loan their "Precious". GtM
  24. Geoffrey the Madde

    Fun picture

    Phong & Muir, Don't things like that to an old man! Nicely retro pin-up shots. Definitely '40s. Hope she's wearing sun screen. Don't want her to burn her cheeks. GtM
  25. Geoffrey the Madde

    Working on a weapons wall and need help with silver.

    H'mm. Silver bullets? Where's John Reid when you really need him? There's a "cheat" for this one. You need a bottle of the "silver plate" liquid that is sold as a "home repair" for worn silver-plated items (silver cyanide in a dilute solution) and an un-fired full metal jacket .45 ACP round. Clean up the bullet with fine steel wool, then buff gently by hand until really shiny. Paint a "resist" line of nail polish around the case just short of the bullet. Do not get the polish on the bullet. "Paint" the bullet with the solution. It will acquire a thin wash of silver (copper is replacing the silver in the solution and the silver is dropping out). Repeat a couple times to build up the silver. Rinse in clean water and allow to air dry. Lightly buff with a soft leather pad. Coat with clear lacquer. Display.