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    I am an interesting person when you get to know me, that is all that I will say for now :P
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    Chainmail, leathercraft, ren fairs
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    Owner of Twists & Turns, working @ Cleveland uniform :(
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  1. sofiadragon

    Gir Leather Carving

    Honestly I was expecting to see Gir in his doggy constume, but that isn't all that bad since Gir is a fairly simple charecter to do, try Zim next 'cause he is just a little bir harder. I am not all that good @ charecter carvings they are too hard for me. But great job none the less.
  2. sofiadragon

    Slytherin Crest

    That is awsome. I never thought that I would see the day that Harry Potter anything would be turned into chainmail flags.
  3. sofiadragon

    By request: Photos of my bracers. (Huge, Huge pics!)

    Very Awsome looking.
  4. sofiadragon

    Rubber bracelets, Big pics

    Those are really nice.
  5. sofiadragon

    Euro 4n1 and Rossetta weave

    Those are all lovely.
  6. sofiadragon

    I'm turning into a biker

    That is a sweet ride.
  7. sofiadragon

    Pieces I Am Working On...

    Love them all.
  8. sofiadragon

    A Spiral variation...

    Beautiful peices & cute bird.
  9. sofiadragon

    What is this?

    Not quite sure but I wouldn't say that it has anything to do w/ eating even though it has spoons 'cause the spoons are too wide & long for that but other then that I'm stumped :confused:
  10. sofiadragon

    Two pendants and a pair of earrings.

    All are very beautiful
  11. sofiadragon

    My son drew a Transformer

    He has quite a tallent there.
  12. sofiadragon

    Simple Earrings

    I had thought about doing something simular to the first set that you did but I wasn't sure @ how they would come out & I like how yours came out quite a bit so thanx for beating me to the punch.
  13. sofiadragon

    New stuff

    That is so pretty.
  14. sofiadragon

    Ringinator evolved

    I think that I would trust the way that this one looks allot more.
  15. sofiadragon

    Edwardian Renaissance Necklace.

    That thing is awsome