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    Just turned 30 and I'm a femailler^^, no one warned me how addicting it was!
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    new glasgow, ns
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    chainmaille, SCA, writing (crime fiction mostly), reading, dancing, cosplay, anime, gaming
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    chainmailler, writer and work weekends at Bentley Luggage store
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  1. Eternal Elf Cre

    Announcing a New Co-Owner of TheRingLord.com

    No problem, just thought I would ask. I'll still get my packages faster when I move to Toronto anyway (I'm on PEI now, so mail takes a while).
  2. Eternal Elf Cre

    Announcing a New Co-Owner of TheRingLord.com

    Welcome Grant Philp, I hope you love your new job Will we have the option to place an order on the website and pick it up in Toronto, or will it still ship from Saskatoon? Just curious as I am moving to Toronto in a few months
  3. Eternal Elf Cre

    enamel chain matches to anodized aluminum

    Thank you Sue^_^ your help is much apreciated!
  4. can anyone help? I'm trying to match the closest color copper enamel chain to the colors of anodized aluminum rings. I'll mark down the ones I already figured out and a question mark next to those I haven't. pink - fushia black- black gold- gold green - ? blue - ? purple - ? violet - ? yellow - ? orange - ? bronze - ? red- red turquoise- peacock blue?? If anyone can answer me that would be great! I'm amasing a small pile of chian that does not match the aluminum lol.
  5. Eternal Elf Cre

    Faster Packing and Labelled Bags

    This sounds great!
  6. Eternal Elf Cre

    New Products - niobium ear wires, copper clasps etc

    Just out of curiousity, what do people usually do with the scrap discs of aluminum? My mind is telling me I can make something with them, but I'm not sure what lol. Thanks.