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  1. Schtiel


    well im quiet cuz im always quiet. here, but never bothering to post, mostly because lazy. at most ill only go a few days without checking the forums tho.
  2. Schtiel

    Minecraft anyone?

    tame ocelot(s). sit ocelot(s) outside house. they keep creepers away
  3. Schtiel

    Minecraft anyone?

    its not that hard to get lots of water. dig 3 blocks in a row and put a bucket of water on either end, then pull water from the middle block. the two source blocks on the ends will continually make the middle block source too so you can keep filling a bucket with it as long as you need more water.
  4. my shoulders hurt. didnt have enough time to finish the pointy bit on stupid tie today, should finish whole thing tomorrow. YAY!

  5. today i learned that i need a ruler to measure things because i am terrible at guessing inches. also, my hands hurt. and 8 inches of dragonscale tie!

  6. roughly 8 hours of mailing... about 2.5 inches of dragonscale tie. ill never finish this in time for christmas ;_;

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    2. Lysenis


      YOU CAN DO IT!

      It is just a pain. . .

    3. Schtiel


      the upside is, i have a whole lot of nothing to do at work nearly all the time, so...it gives me a way to stay awake and such at least

    4. Lysenis


      Yup that is a good thing to look at it

  7. Schtiel

    Tips, Tricks and Advice on doing shows?

    is that a turtle?
  8. Schtiel

    New Friend spam??

    i have neither friends nor requests awaiting response i feel kinda left out and sad but at the same time im okay with it cuz i can be lazy.
  9. feel kinda bad for cursing the sock gnomes over losing a patch of scales... forgot i pulled it apart and didnt make a new shoulder from it =\

  10. lost one shoulder of my scale shirt... kinda need that so i can finish fixing the other one. this is what happens when i get lazy about finishing something >_<

  11. Schtiel

    how do you do it?

    oh yea, its murder on my back to work on the floor. only slightly less to work off my lap though, unless i have my feet up on the desk =p
  12. Schtiel

    What NEW things have you tried lately?

    JPL. only because i never had workable AR rings to try it in before. i had something else in mind to try but i cant remember what it was...
  13. Schtiel

    how do you do it?

    i tend to assess whatever is handy and go with the one that ends up being the least uncomfortable to work with. so desk, lap, floor...
  14. yay order showed up today! now i have something to do while im at work >.>

  15. Schtiel

    Minecraft anyone?

    minecraft is like legos... except without being able to step on them and get hurt.