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  1. Schtiel

    The Question Game

    because if it was square, we might fall off. why don't we have magic?
  2. Schtiel

    What's in a name?

    at some point ill stop being forgetful and needing to edit... rammstein song. didnt want to bother with other, older names that just... feel silly now, so i went for that.
  3. Schtiel

    The Question Game

    yes. and tax it. and require licensing for dealers. people will use it regardless, the government might as well make money off of it. when do we get jetpacks and hoverboards?
  4. Schtiel

    The Question Game

    most people have the 4th off from work, so they were drinking because they didnt need to wake up early or not be hungover. how does a cat eat lasagna anyway?
  5. Schtiel

    The Question Game

    ok, i really dont get the number thing up there... the square root of a square is the square of the square root. or a cookie, im not sure anymore. what is the circumference of a moose?
  6. Schtiel

    The Question Game

    pizza i believe. what is air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
  7. Schtiel

    Announcing Square Anodized Aluminum Rings.

    i'm resisting. barely. especially since my hands miss the wonderful feel of pliers and the joy of making things. or since i'm running out of books to read again, whichever.
  8. Schtiel

    Oh God..the comments...they kill me

    if i could make kevlar chainmalle, i would totally do it. just to see who would be brave enough to wear it for testing.
  9. finished tailoring hauberk and cleaned it. now i smell of wd-40. =|

    1. Skedros


      next time I clean my bronze/brass/stainless maille, I'm going to try some Blue Dawn. Hopefully I don't get 'dishpan hands'.

  10. done with hauberk! well... aside from tailoring the waist so its comfy and such anway >.>

  11. Schtiel

    Alternative Fashion, Gender and Chainmail

    ...is it weird that halfway through the first post i was thinking out how to make a kilt--with pleats that would look decent?
  12. my hands hate me for 11 hours of mailing while at work today =|

    1. Brimley's Mom

      Brimley's Mom

      When my hands hurt I rub Tiger Balm into the backs and knuckles. The heat increases blood circulation and speeds up healing. Just wash your hands really well before touching any other parts of your body, especially before wiping after a bathroom visit. (Speaking from painful experience.)

    2. Arctic TRN

      Arctic TRN

      Great job that you have that will allow 11 hours of mailling

    3. Schtiel


      police dispatch, small town so its not often busy. i do my mailing there so im not so bored all day =|

  13. Schtiel

    Ordering rings by the ounce.

    i wouldnt mind having minions. except i imagine you have to feed them and such, like a pet. and i dont like pets so... =\
  14. excited. in-progress hauberk is now long enough to weigh itself down when worn, and it fits nicely. probably work on sleeves next and then just add the rest on the bottom and see if i need more rings later.

    1. Zeroignite


      What material/ringsize/weave?

    2. Schtiel


      mild steel, 18g 3/16, e4-1

  15. Schtiel

    Just had to ask...

    keep the box cold. i'm sure the contents are fine without refrigeration.
  16. so i finally got around to cleaning off the rest of my last order of mild steel. nothing to stop me from finishing my hauberk now... except that i'm in the middle of a book trilogy since i had run out of clean rings =|

    1. Zeroignite


      I wonder what'd happen if you took a hauberk to a dry cleaner.

  17. Schtiel

    Book rings - hinged rings

    they arent too terrible to use when trying to learn a new weave. no pliers but giant AR makes for difficulty keeping weave in proper shape.
  18. yes, contractions will affect any rows below which means it's much easier to add them in as you work. for the finished chainmail, to add in contractions, you're going to have to remove rings below the contraction as well--either to the end of the shirt or to an expansion further down, depending on how fitted you plan to make it.
  19. Schtiel

    Christmas Stocking

    that is awesome and now i want to make one
  20. Schtiel

    Ho ho ho

    yea.. is the small person part of someone's order, an elf lured away from santa, or the world's worst ninja ever?
  21. order arrived today. now i get to clean the rust off all 16lbs. of rings =\

  22. Schtiel

    what does everyone do with....

    I set aside the otherwise unsuitable--mis-tint, multi-colored, scratched, etc.--rings to use for those thoughts along the lines of 'can I do this with these...' They still get used, and I don't risk scratching good rings to test stuff out. (scratching good rings from inattention just adds to that collection of rings)
  23. Schtiel

    New User Thread

    well, i joined back in '08 but not really being much for forums... yea, i never bothered to make a first post. back then, i was on my first project (technically a byrnie i suppose) in 18g 3/16" mild steel. finished it, though everyone would ask when i'd be putting sleeves on it. very comfortable, fun to wear even if i don't wear it as often anymore. just finished scale mail shirt, AA large bronze colored scales with 16g 5/16" BA rings. halfway through it, i realized if i had chosen orange i'd end up looking like aquaman (glad i didn't). too bad its nowhere near comfortable =( now, i'm trying to decide what to start on next. and i remembered i had an account here, so i figured why not talk some