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  1. my shoulders hurt. didnt have enough time to finish the pointy bit on stupid tie today, should finish whole thing tomorrow. YAY!

  2. today i learned that i need a ruler to measure things because i am terrible at guessing inches. also, my hands hurt. and 8 inches of dragonscale tie!

  3. roughly 8 hours of mailing... about 2.5 inches of dragonscale tie. ill never finish this in time for christmas ;_;

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    2. Lysenis


      YOU CAN DO IT!

      It is just a pain. . .

    3. Schtiel


      the upside is, i have a whole lot of nothing to do at work nearly all the time, so...it gives me a way to stay awake and such at least

    4. Lysenis


      Yup that is a good thing to look at it

  4. feel kinda bad for cursing the sock gnomes over losing a patch of scales... forgot i pulled it apart and didnt make a new shoulder from it =\

  5. lost one shoulder of my scale shirt... kinda need that so i can finish fixing the other one. this is what happens when i get lazy about finishing something >_<

  6. yay order showed up today! now i have something to do while im at work >.>

  7. trying to decide between another shirt and a confederate flag for my next time filler project. either way im thinkin japanese weave, just cant decide...

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    2. Schtiel


      the way i see it, no matter what else you see in it, the confederate flag is part of history. plus, id never be dumb enough to fly it in my yard anyway.... id hang it on the wall in my room where people wouldnt see it and try to hurt me

    3. Dice bag maker

      Dice bag maker

      And here I was thinking of the General Lee in chainmail.

    4. madd-vyking
  8. done with the juggling balls at the cost of a third blister. also curious: is niobium weak enough to bend by hand or is it just the ringsize i bought messing with my head?

    1. Milquetoast


      What size did you get? I mean, it's not a terribly strong metal, but it's not THAT soft

    2. Skedros


      uber strong hands maybe?

    3. Schtiel


      20g 5/32

      i did figure it might be cuz it was so small but even so

  9. so ive been too long with a book in my hands instead of pliers. 3/6 ss juggling balls and now i have blistered fingers and cant hold the pliers >_<

    1. Dice bag maker

      Dice bag maker

      Just rest up a day or two and let them callus over. you'll be back at it before long! :D

  10. finished tailoring hauberk and cleaned it. now i smell of wd-40. =|

    1. Skedros


      next time I clean my bronze/brass/stainless maille, I'm going to try some Blue Dawn. Hopefully I don't get 'dishpan hands'.

  11. done with hauberk! well... aside from tailoring the waist so its comfy and such anway >.>

  12. my hands hate me for 11 hours of mailing while at work today =|

    1. Brimley's Mom

      Brimley's Mom

      When my hands hurt I rub Tiger Balm into the backs and knuckles. The heat increases blood circulation and speeds up healing. Just wash your hands really well before touching any other parts of your body, especially before wiping after a bathroom visit. (Speaking from painful experience.)

    2. Arctic TRN

      Arctic TRN

      Great job that you have that will allow 11 hours of mailling

    3. Schtiel


      police dispatch, small town so its not often busy. i do my mailing there so im not so bored all day =|

  13. excited. in-progress hauberk is now long enough to weigh itself down when worn, and it fits nicely. probably work on sleeves next and then just add the rest on the bottom and see if i need more rings later.

    1. Zeroignite


      What material/ringsize/weave?

    2. Schtiel


      mild steel, 18g 3/16, e4-1

  14. so i finally got around to cleaning off the rest of my last order of mild steel. nothing to stop me from finishing my hauberk now... except that i'm in the middle of a book trilogy since i had run out of clean rings =|

    1. Zeroignite


      I wonder what'd happen if you took a hauberk to a dry cleaner.

  15. order arrived today. now i get to clean the rust off all 16lbs. of rings =\