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  1. its not that hard to get lots of water. dig 3 blocks in a row and put a bucket of water on either end, then pull water from the middle block. the two source blocks on the ends will continually make the middle block source too so you can keep filling a bucket with it as long as you need more water.

  2. well, depending on if/how well the original hauberk was tailored to him, it could be as simple as taking out a strip of rings front and back. if not... well it kind of depends on a few different things

    either way though, you shouldnt need new materials as, overall, you would be removing rings.

    as for fitting and charges... no idea =\

  3. wait, theres a prequel to night angel trilogy? =o


    sword of truth series

    the garion universe

    the sparhawk universe

    the lost years of merlin series

    the great tree of avalon trilogy

    inkheart trilogy, even though the books are a bit of a slow read