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  1. I set aside the otherwise unsuitable--mis-tint, multi-colored, scratched, etc.--rings to use for those thoughts along the lines of 'can I do this with these...'

    They still get used, and I don't risk scratching good rings to test stuff out. (scratching good rings from inattention just adds to that collection of rings)

  2. well, i joined back in '08 but not really being much for forums... yea, i never bothered to make a first post. back then, i was on my first project (technically a byrnie i suppose) in 18g 3/16" mild steel. finished it, though everyone would ask when i'd be putting sleeves on it. very comfortable, fun to wear even if i don't wear it as often anymore.

    just finished scale mail shirt, AA large bronze colored scales with 16g 5/16" BA rings. halfway through it, i realized if i had chosen orange i'd end up looking like aquaman (glad i didn't). too bad its nowhere near comfortable =(

    now, i'm trying to decide what to start on next. and i remembered i had an account here, so i figured why not talk some