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  1. Loren

    Working Fine Silver and Sterling Silver

    Once you've practiced (and ruined a few scrap pieces to get the idea how far you can go) fusing isn't all that risky. For a really loose weave I'll line the chain up and just move the torch down the line, hitting all the closures in turn, but with a very tight chain (JPL, for example) I fuse every link as I add it to the end. Just have the closure out in the open where you can get the flame to it. You must have a hot-enough flame, and it shouldn't be too big or too small. That's where practicing comes in handy. I use oxy-propane and a fairly intense pointed flame that's about the size of the ring I'm aiming at. Here's a video: There's another one somewhere that shows the look of the silver as it gets ready to melt, can't find the link right now. Loren http://www.golden-knots.com/
  2. Loren

    Working Fine Silver and Sterling Silver

    I love working with 999 silver, and fusing is the way to go. It depends on the weave, how you need to go about it. A very tight weave, you should fuse every link as you add it, which gives you the chance of cutting away mistakes without losing big chunks of work. A loose weave will let you pop a ring into a high profile position and concentrate the heat on it. I've successfully fused HP in a loose weave, and JPL. The latter is tricky. Loren http://www.golden-knots.com/
  3. Loren

    Jens Pind linkage

    I'm back after a long absence, and noticed the thread on JPL, which I've decided is my favorite of the decorative weaves. It is possible to use more than one color, and one of the pieces I've done recently has two kinds of metal in it. I'm going to try to include a shot here... Loren http://www.golden-knots.com/
  4. Loren

    What to Do with Finished Practice Pieces?

    I still have a practice piece I did when I first came to TRL, ages ago. It isn't very long, maybe an inch and a half, but I keep it for sentimental reasons. Also, to make micro-maillers unhappy. Loren http://www.golden-knots.com/
  5. Loren

    Byzantine segment

    Wire is 0.010" 18K yellow gold, the rings were made on a mandrel that was 0.034" in diameter. I'd have taken a closeup, but then you could see how bad my cuts and closures are. Loren http://www.golden-knots.com/

    © &copy 2010 Loren Damewood

  6. Loren

    Another teaching/show tour

    Slicvickie, Each student needs something solid to tie a piece of string to, at about elbow height or so, and about five or six feet of space to back away from it in. One of the ideal locations that I recall was a cellar with no (or very little) furniture and two steel posts in the middle, holding up the floor above. I had four or five students circling each one, and they looked as though they were doing a May-pole dance. At home I tie off to a bedpost or a doorknob or a tree branch, wherever I decide to work. I've been known to work on stuff next to my van, in parking lots or in rest areas, while on tour -- as a matter of fact, a wedding ring order came in while I was out west, a few years back, and I started it in the parking lot of Old Faithful (Yellowstone) and finished it someplace in Utah. In other words, the venue is almost ridiculously easy to set up. I provide all the tools and all the materials. Students show up empty handed and create their jewelry, then take that jewelry, the unique tools, and their newly acquired skills, home with them. Loren http://www.golden-knots.com/
  7. Loren

    Another teaching/show tour

    I'll be in the art show, maybe the dealer's room, at DucKon. I'm probably going to be able to be around the area a day or so early, if that turns out to be a good idea, but I'll have to leave right afterward to go to the next convention. Loren http://www.golden-knots.com/
  8. Loren

    Another teaching/show tour

    slicvickie, Well, I'm planning to be there sometime. If there were enough people committed to attending a workshop (and a host venue) I could probably be there in early June. I've got a couple of weeks between my stop in Nashville and in Chicago, and I'm looking for students to fill in the gap. Loren http://www.golden-knots.com/
  9. Loren

    Knotted titanium

    You shouldn't have much trouble if you already know the knots. Just take your time and be patient with the wire. I've got the stuff boxed up, waiting for my next trip to the post office, so you should see it soon. Loren http://www.golden-knots.com/
  10. Loren

    Knotted titanium

    Well, I've heard from a number of folks who've managed to figure it out, and I know of one who figured it out without any outside help at all, so go for it. Loren http://www.golden-knots.com/
  11. Loren

    Another teaching/show tour

    Vidar, Glad you're interested. I get new ideas from my students all the time. Just a few weeks ago I was trying to explain finding the path around the ring fixture to someone and he said he thought he'd do just as well counting it another way. Stopped me dead in my tracks, and that's how I've explained it to others since then. Loren http://www.golden-knots.com/
  12. Loren

    Another teaching/show tour

    Skedros, I think you'll like the new stuff. Loren http://www.golden-knots.com/
  13. Loren

    Another teaching/show tour

    I'm pretty sure I'll be in the art show. Artist's alley, maybe teaching a session there. Might have outside students come to see me at my motel, offsite, as well. Loren http://www.golden-knots.com/
  14. Loren

    Another teaching/show tour

    Martin, Not this trip, no, but I'll be in Chicago in (I think) June. Got to look at that part of the schedule, but it's theoretically possible I could get out that way. Get a bunch of students together and I'll be lots more likely to. Loren http://www.golden-knots.com/
  15. Loren

    Another teaching/show tour

    I'll be heading out on the road in mid-March, traveling from my home in Florida to the Pacific northwest and back (six weeks), attending several conventions and teaching a number of workshops along the way. I'll have extra tools with me, and my DVDs, and will be happy to stop to see anyone along my route who is interested. Where time permits, I'll be happy to conduct one-on-one workshops, but it would be great to have more students, as teaching is the most fun I get to have in public. My schedule is not totally carved in stone, but there are some non-negotiable dates where I am committed as to arrival time and activities. You can see where I'm going to be and when, if you check my online schedule page: http://www.golden-knots.com/shows.html'>http://www.golden-knots.com/shows.html I'm keeping tabs on the scheduled workshops, and accepting registrations, on this page: http://www.golden-knots.com/signup.html'>http://www.golden-knots.com/signup.html Note that anyone who hosts a workshop with attendance of six students gets their workshop for free, so if you can talk five friends into joining you, it's either free for you, or about 1/6th cheaper for everyone. (Y'all work that out amongst yourselves, I'm cool with either.) Since I'm driving, schedule changes have to take into account the distance and time requirements for me to fulfill my other commitments, of course. Loren http://www.golden-knots.com/