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    Black and silver

    LOVE this! - great work and super hot modelling
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    i love this so much!
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    My Birthday Tattoo...

    euro 4-1 scarf.
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    this is mine so remedial
  5. so i have been as of late, ghaving issues getting things accross the border, I think i have been flagged as dangerous so I need a supplier in Canada as cheap as the stuff i can gett off of ebay does anyone know where i can get some sexy plate or breastplates or weapons other than swords (morningstars, katars, flails, maces, etc) in the great white north? does anyone have stuff they want to sell in this genre? Thanks for looking!
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    Yes, that's me on that leash....

    so... hot... *Knock *KNOCK DON'T OPEN THE DOOR~~~~~ nicely done thanks for posting!