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  1. Armored Heart

    Saw Cut AA Back in Stock - Announcing Black Ice

    Will this new technique be applied to other colors? Thanks
  2. Armored Heart

    New Round Scales (+restocked punched rings etc)

    This looks amazing. Even with the colors listed in the pattern it would be a serious cutting and anodizing issue. I'd love to see a piece freshly made.
  3. Armored Heart

    Ear Posts - 4mm Ball with loop - Restock?

    Bumped for easy access for an answer.
  4. Any idea when these posts will be in stock...? Thanks
  5. Armored Heart


    Absolutely beautiful! I'm going through silver withdrawal. I have an order that should be here any day... You'll do very well with these pieces!
  6. Armored Heart

    First 2 weeks Summary (image heavy)

    OOOOOH... thanks..now I gotta make another order for freaking SCALES lol just kidding... what great colors... I love the byz bracelet too. You posted photos fast, I'm still scared... Keep posting!
  7. Armored Heart

    Dragonscale ring count

    Gorgeous... at this rate I'm going to have to coil and cut my own silver to be able to afford the Niobium... Fantastic colors thanks for sharing
  8. Armored Heart

    Polishing/ Tumbling Help

    Red Rouge is an additive to crushed Walnut, I use it for jewelers brass as it brings out the warm colors in this metal. Do not use this for aluminum or 'silver colored' metal, as it does nothing and is a waste. I agree with Brian, should you choose to use Red rouge on brass or other yellowish metals... get a second container or know that it will be a bummer to clean. It should be noted that Red Rouge and walnut media are used in VIBRATORY not rotary tumblers, used dry without any liquid what so ever. I bought 20 pounds of walnut media on Ebay... didn't know Jon sold it... my bad.
  9. Armored Heart

    KeithC's work

    I love the lampshade too! The hanging basket and candle holders are a great idea. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Armored Heart

    Sterling Clasps in Byz kit

    Gonna have to clone you Bernice. So you can get work done AND have time to relax. Thank you!
  11. Armored Heart

    Sterling Clasps in Byz kit

    Anyone care to guess?
  12. Armored Heart

    Sterling Clasps in Byz kit

    What size are the Sterling Trigger clasps that come in the Byzantine Bracelet kit, please?
  13. Armored Heart

    Coke Tab Pauldron: Work In Progress

    That's awesome, can't wait to see the finished product! Levi got me thinking... do they have drinks with brown and black tabs? I'm on a psuedo Steam Punk kick, and brown and black work well... I may be wrong about the style, I know there are no gears or clocks, but I'd love to see the face of a worker at an anodizing shop when he has to anodize pop tabs.
  14. Armored Heart

    Poseidon's Embrace - titanium necklace

    So there I am minding my own business. Checking My facebook when a friend asks me if I've heard of Blue Buddha. I about fall over when she sends me a link to join the Facebook Group and THERE is Poseidon's Embrace! Of course I gush and awwww, and oooh, and tell my friend, "Oh sure, I know Rebeca!" (Lie, I know OF her from TRL) I'm so glad you posted here as well. What amazing designs you have! P.S. I can't believe how fast you got, processed, and shipped my order. Thank you!
  15. Armored Heart

    Starting a business

    I've found that Online websites can be an additional way to reach others well, depending on what site you use. While you didn't ask about what sites work well or how to set up your own .com page, let me tell you what I've done. Ebay- avoid it: Too expensive, and unless you have one of a kind items that are on the high end scale you won't make enough from "Buy it now" or auctions to make up for the cost. Ebay is best for mass manufactured items or resale. Etsy - This site is specifically for hand crafted items. Granted there are a lot of maillers on this site but the traffic to this site are people that are looking exclusively for hand made items. Further, if you are looking for hard to find items, supplies or graphic design items such as banners, avatars, or business cards, there are TONS of Graphic Designers that are offering high quality services for low prices. Sites like Etsy has easy to use shipping and mechant gateways to calculate shipping and multiple item invoicing. Worth the fees (Ebay again more expensive if you have a store and not auctions as it charges a flat fee on top of listing and picture fees). As you can tell I'm very PRO Etsy. The other thing I like about Etsy if you are looking for supplies, findings or anything else that is hard to find you can post a picture and description with the price you'll pay and someone may find it and fulfill your needs. This is called Alchemy. I've made several local and national contacts through this feature. While I respectfully disagree with AoM that you may not increase your income with a website, I do, wholeheartedly agree that its a very effective tool to give loyal customers information, history and upcoming events or promotions with your business. If you use business cards with face to face sales ALWAYS have your website address on the card. I plan to do craft shows this spring and summer and will offer a percentage off to customers that 'find' my website and purchase items. Face to face sales, whether at craft shows, private parties or just at the office or passing by, I offer 10 percent off if the customer uses pay pal, instead of a check. No bounced checks and you can do it over cellphones. Easy peasy lemon squeezey. Cash is always accepted, but does anyone use that anymore? Pictures... Ask Lawless Lady what crappy pictures I had on Ebay. Disaster. Get good ones done or learn how to do them yourself. A Light box is essential for quality pics. I've seen scanner pics and they can be decent. Pictures sell your item. As many have said if you can't see the splendid work, what's the point of having a picture at all. I made a light box from this blog: http://www.strobist.blogspot.com/2006/07/how-to-diy-10-macro-photo-studio.html I bought a $5 tripod ( on ebay LOL ) for my older model digital camera. A tripod helps prevent shaking and blurs in your pictures. All in all I spent about $30 in items to make the light box, set up lighting and secure my camera. Good luck in your efforts, and remember, lots of good advice here on the forums. That's how I learned.