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  2. gmm213

    Weaving anodized aluminum

    Just wondering if there's any tricks to weaving anodized aluminum and not scratching the finish with your pliers? I just ordered some and have only worked with galvanized before. Is it a real concern?
  3. gmm213

    MAIL -- the other site -- and its health

    Their fb page was last posted on on June 7. [Daemon_Lotos] Finally we can say goodbye to our old host. DownTownHost… You will probably not be missed. After some changes, some stable uptime, and a bit of stress testing, I feel pretty confident in saying: “The server move is complete. Time to finish work and re-open Logins/Forum Access.”
  4. gmm213

    armor weave

    I like HP 3-1 sheet 6. Oops would have my CDO tweaking right out
  5. gmm213

    armor weave

    Theres no requirments other than myself liking the look. It will be sleeves, hood and side chaps (I guess is what id call them). Im leaning towards two colors intertwined so maybe ones with 2 diameters. I sorta like the EPH. Elfwaeve looks to bulky for me. Gsg looks cool but I cant find an image of a sheet.
  6. gmm213

    armor weave

    So I was wondering if anyone had any cool weaves for costume armor? It will be covering a large area so I dont want it to take 10 rings per inch or something crazy. Itll be anodized aluminum. Not sure colors yet. But I dont want something overlty simple such as euro 4-1 or 6-1
  7. gmm213

    Colored rings

    Im wondering about anodized rings for costume armour. Ive never worked with colored rings before. Ive always done galvy or stainless and made combat effective gear. Now I want to move to colored for purely costume. I like aluminum for cost but from what I read it loses color and scratches easily. Is it so much that its worth it to go to titanium or niobium for longevity?
  8. gmm213

    Ring organization

    I foumd containers at walmart that are about the size of coffee cans but have screw lids for my larger quantities. For smaller I use pill bottles. And I throw them into a toolbox
  9. gmm213

    Maille Corset

    I will probably go with a bra/halter top if I am going to be looking at that much for a decent corset. Anyone point me in the direction of plans? Weaves that arent to hard to do one with?
  10. gmm213

    Maille Corset

    I am going to be making a corset for my wife. I am not sure if I am going to use sheets of mail or individual scales. Can anyone point me in the direction of a sturdy corset. All the ones I can find are silk or satin and I don't think they'd be sturdy enough to hold weight. I was also thinking of mailing over a bra with loose hanging mail or scale to form a halter Also I know that quite a few of her bras are add two cup sizes so if I could find these as corsets that would be nice
  11. gmm213


    Not necessarily chain mail related but I am looking to learn how to make a hardened leather vest to attach chainmail sleeves too. Anyone point me in the right direction?