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  1. Hi Folks ... some of you might remember me from eon's past when I was a frequent poster and member here ... but it's been a number of years. I've finally run out of time to continue my chainmaille hobby so I've made the hard decision to sell of all of my supplies and related items. Everything we have left to sell off, is on my website at Wire To Weave. We have finished goods and a section for supplies. If you're interested in a large quantity of the items (especially the finished ones) please feel free to send me an email at dunedon@rogers.com with a list of what you're looking for and I can look to see if I can give you a better package deal than the website pricing. We'll ship anywhere at Canada Post rates, and we're located in Guelph, Ontario if you want to come pick it up (if so just select Pick-Up delivery ... and leave contact info in the comment section to make arrangements). It's been a fun decade+ in the hobby, but now it's time to move on to other things Keith aka. Dunedon
  2. Dunedon

    G20 Armour

    http://www.insidetor...-g20-protesters (picture 1, assuming they don't change the pics, like they did to the story I had last linked) http://www.cbc.ca/canada/toronto/story/2010/06/29/g20-police-review548.html (the original link, I think this one will stay current) Looks like it could be TRL scales, not sure if anyone else makes/sells them - Dunedon
  3. Dunedon

    aftermarket scale dealer

  4. Dunedon

    Our Castle

    I'm confused over how the bedroom 1 and Master Bath work together? Your 2nd bedroom opens in the same bathroom as your master, and the walk-in closet it accessible to both rooms? What's your reasoning behind that, the only thing I can think of is nursery but I was wondering why you had done it that way? The pics look great, you've done a great job picking out things that will make you place unique. - Dunedon
  5. Dunedon

    Ontario Gathering?

    Hmmm Buttertarts ... we'll HOST, we'll HOST!! ... ok, realistically we still won't have time ... but Rowan try to get out to one of our festivals this year, we miss ya June 5th & 6th for Renaissance (www.countryrenfest.com) or July 31st - Aug 2nd for Pirates (www.thepiratefestival.com ) - Dunedon
  6. Dunedon

    Ontario Gathering?

    You had Muir in your apartment and you're saying it wasn't pretty? Bad Bad Daemon_Lotos ...
  7. Dunedon

    Ontario Gathering?

    We're still alive ... been busy running festivals, updating the house and doing actual real work ... so haven't had much time to think about a gathering ... if someone's having one we're in for a visit ... but don't think we'll be able to host in 2010. - Dunedon
  8. Dunedon

    The Ringanator and its Like

    Of course you can build it for less ... if you couldn't they it wouldn't make much sense for them to sell it at that price now would it? The question is, are you technically inclined enough and have access to the resources you need to produce your cutting rig ... or is your time and frustration worth more than the cost of just buying it from someone that makes them? - Dunedon
  9. Dunedon

    Can you tell me how to get...

    Have you SEEN how big Northern Ontario is, and the put those lakes in such an awkward spot ;-) ... it takes the better part of a day to get around/through from Southern Ontario to Manitoba ... I'll take the traffic <grin>
  10. Dunedon

    Can you tell me how to get...

    Since there were a few I picked the closest one to me: http://maps.google.c...daddr=Sesame+St,+Toronto,+ON&hl=en&geocode=FcPWSQMd5lXr-CmXm_tlSZGQUzEJZJ4MxmtyYA%3BFSASnAId5aNF-ykTwa-lTdLUiTErZ5gGRDLOVw&mra=ls&sll=43.782688,-79.322139&sspn=0.011913,0.027831&g=Sesame+St,+Toronto,+Toronto+Division,+Ontario&ie=UTF8&z=5 - Dunedon
  11. Dunedon

    HELP! I'm seriously frusterated.

    Unfortunately my schedule of "oh look I've got a couple of hours right NOW!" doesn't work well for dungeons, they tend to take a bit longer than that ...
  12. Dunedon

    HELP! I'm seriously frusterated.

    The only reason I'm leveling the 3 at the same time is to make good use of the "rest-xp" ... if I don't do 3 or 4 at a time I keep running out too fast on my mains. Forgot to mention that I level, and pretty much play, solo ... so it's grind grind grind for me (quest, monster grinding ... yay!)
  13. Dunedon

    HELP! I'm seriously frusterated.

    I've just started playing retail (1 month now) after a year or so of playing TBC on a private server. Leveling 3 characters atm (Dwarf/Hunter,Draneri/Paladin, Gnome/Mage) ... just got to 20th Leveling so slowly due to the fact that I'm finding the auction house a great distraction, there were never enough people on the private server to make it useful ... so it's a new playtoy. Looking forward to Cataclysm, but now seeing I can get achievements for finishing quests (as well as exploring entire zones) ... sigh, I know what I'll be doing ... at this rate I'll never make 80 - Dunedon
  14. Dunedon

    Poi Fire Dancing Materials Advice

    Actually I just ordered from House of Poi a few month ago ... shipping took 3 weeks, and was VERY cheap, less than sending a package across Canada. I'm in Ontario btw... - Dunedon
  15. Dunedon

    Poi Fire Dancing Materials Advice

    The experts (read ... the people at house of poi) seem to recommend: http://www.homeofpoi.com/shop/listItems/Fire-Poi-Heads ... kevlar rope wick. I've seen wrapped cotten used as well, personally I'd go with the kevlar ... it doesn't seem to "flake off" and send burning pieces of poi all over the place when in use. - Dunedon