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  1. Julie5150

    Google in Chainmail

    OOoh - cool! That deeply appeals to the dweeb in me LOL . . . some of us went thorugh a mailled-bag phase. I turned my 'backpack' into a corset eventually.
  2. So - with me being gone from the forum and the online realm for so long the mega "Maille FAQ" thread has gone into great dishevelment. . . for shame! Well - I'm giving myself one week to refamiliarize myself with the maille world online and replace all the broken links. . . only - I need some help. I didn't find it all by myself - many others helped via PM and forum posts. Here are the subjects that need new links: 1) A new link to an 'introduction to maille' is needed. 2) Semanits - "is it Mail, Maille, Chainmail?" 3) A new armor-part identification link (you know: what is ___ called?) - this was originally a Shadowmist link 4) "Which rings work with ___ weave" (originally a zlosk link) 5) Info on tumbling media: how to choose the appropriate media for different metals, etc. 6) A source for info on Butted/Riveted Maille (was originally Fourth Armory) 7) Online tutorials other than TRL (trl is already referenced - the other two were Phong and Derakon but those are no loner up) 8) Troubleshooting weave issues. I referenced Jens Pends, Dragonscale and two others - but thought that a more comprehensive list would be more ideal. . . the originals were forum posts from various places - none are up 9) Graph paper (originally zlosk's link) - there's one reference already which does work but I'd like another one or two more 10) Introduction to making maille-related jewelry (was originally a forum post) 11) Adding beads to chain (was originally a forum post) Since some of this info was linked to trl forum posts - adn with forum upgrades the addresses changed - I thought about avoiding posts and instead (with permission from the poster) taking that useful post info and putting it into a blog. Some blogs can be maintained indefinitely. Good or bad idea? So - anything you can think of or want to add in extra, please post and let me know! I'll get emails whenever you respond to my posts and this week I have a bounty of time on my hands so I'll dedicate a lot of time ot cleaning things up.
  3. Julie5150

    MAILLE FAQ - All you need to know and then some

    I know - it's so old! I wandered away from mailling for a while and just wasn't around. This next week I will begin the process of rediscovering info for the dead links and reworking it. I might even reorganize the whole thing. I've made a list of all the broken links and outdated topics and I'll do search, find, snag and insert as I come across the new info. It wasn't possible without others chiming in - I edited it a million times - so I will pm people, the oldies and goodies, adn drag them out of the woodwork so they can help me tidy it up again. I'm giving myself 1 week to update it and reorganize it completely.
  4. Julie5150

    updates on fitness?

    A long time ago we had a thread going on for fitness goals and such - I think it's been chunked in the many moves or it just got old and sluffed off. . . . so - starting another one! last time I remember discussing the subject some of us were having success - but I have no idea when that was. Maybe 4 years ago? Well I've actually overcome a lot of physical problems, changed how I cook and eat, and I've lost 10lbs so far. I started kettlebells about 2 years ago - mostly focusing on strength. Now I'm up to cleaning and swinging a 25lb bell and I intend to climb up. Anyone else have success?
  5. Julie5150

    Good Heavens, everyone is BACK!

    I guess I'm not really back - I started a project but didn't finish it at all. And then nature happened - finals were canceled due to tornado damage all over and now a lot of flooding - so I'm a little lake-locked and bored. I'll work on this little project some this week. . . the kids are in school though, still - But I have 3 weeks without anything to do every day.
  6. Julie5150

    Good Heavens, everyone is BACK!

    I'm back, too! Life is so busy I don't have time to hang online like I use to I don't have much time to mail, either. But - it's snowing, class is canceled, so I thought 'I need to make some mail!" If the power stays up I'll post a pic later of whatever I come up with. My husband did make it to work through the snow, though - the further south you go the less it is, but it's unlikely we'll be leaving town to get to school anytime soon. Which is kind of a bummer- I'm sure campus is beautiful in the snow!
  7. Julie5150

    sad day

    This is so tragic! My heart's broken! He was a great guy, made me laugh and inspired me with my work.
  8. Julie5150

    Just A FUNNY

    How cute! One of my oldest son's first words was 'transistor' and 'light emitting diode' - He still has a fascination with computers and all things electronic. I can't wait 'til he gets into EITE next year, he'll have a blast.
  9. Lady had her pups - 6 chibeagles!

  10. Julie5150

    WOW! Cost of Car Parts

    So - your lesson learned should be: auto-guys diagnose . . . . you fix
  11. Julie5150

    Lord of the Rings on my new 50" Plasma TV

    Well, LCD has side-view issues and a lack of contrast (dark VS light - it doesn't handle the dark very well). Our livingroom is long and narrow, so we actually watch tv off-angle often (from the side). with an LCD screen we wouldn't have a clearer picture from the side. This is ideal for a computer screen when you don't want people viewing your screen from the side - but not for a tv. LCD's also have problem with dead pixels - spots of red/black/white that stay put on your screen. I'm sure that they've improved on this problem, but my computer screen has dead pixels and it's annoying as hell. LCD's are lighter than Plasmas, however - and they claim that they last 30,000 - 50,000 hours, however, that's with 50% brightness, not full-screen brightness. LED's - they weren't readily available in our area so that's the only factor that limited them, really. Though they have a better dark/light contrast than LCD's - however, the ones they had at our store were more expensive than our Plasma (which I think is backwards - indicative of our area's pricing gauges.) Plasma, of course, isn't available smaller - so to get a plasma you have to get a 50" or larger. Or older TV is a 32". We figured that if we were going to get an HDTV it would have to be a significant improvement - size and screen clarity. . . so we decided on the size before researching the differences and features. Plasmas, also, have a sharper image - and they've made significant steps ahead as far as the issue of 'burn in' goes (when the image stays on the screen for too long it'll burn into it - the older plasmas had a horrible problem with this, not so much now). We, also, have a dim-lit livingroom so glare isn't a problem with the high-shine plasma screen (you can get non-glare or glare filters but that just adds to the cost). Downside - they're energy suckers and emit heat. I can stand a foot away from the screen and feel a bit of warmth. However, neither of those are a worry for us but might be a big issue for others. Our tv is an HDTV plasma - basicly, it's ideal for closer-viewing areas like our livingroom (we're about 8 feet away from the screen, or closer) . . . an EDTV is ideal for longer-distance viewing (which we don't have to contend with). He really started to look at a rear projection at first - but found that you have to replace the bulb every 2,000 - 5,000 viewing hours. The bulb costs about $100.00 - and sometimes people have to change them twice a year (and some people can't do it theirselves and have to pay someone to do it) - so the perpetual maintenance chunked it in the trash.
  12. I like it! I was always so bummed that I didn't see the movies in the theater - but this rocks in comparison. No sticky seats or annoying cellphones to ruin the experience Of course, the decision to buy the TV wasn't mine - it was my husband's. Why not! Afterall, it was his hard earned money - he could spend it how he liked Today the Satellite guy is coming to hook us up with a new box and cable - right now it's not an official HD picture. After that I'll go out and buy an HD cable for my DVD player - right now it's just an enlarged image, the clarity isn't there yet - and a real stand to put it on instead of my coffee table.
  13. Julie5150

    Soldering pieces outside

    Thanks, everyone. Llisa - good point (about low lighting vs bright lighting). It's been quite some time since I've soldered and I forgot that, for me, the light in my laundry room was never bright enough - I felt like I was blind in a cave and couldn't see what I was doing. I've never thought to turn it into a possitive thing by it allowing me to see more clearly the changes in the metlas I was working with - but maybe that explains why I always had a very hard time soldering anything I'll put a litle more thought into this. I have my kitchen to remodel and once I'm done with that then I'll have an emptier carport - and time on my hands. Thanks.
  14. Julie5150

    One of the nicest I've done (Chainmail Necklace)

    Beautiful work as always, Ess! What are the metals? Niobium and Silver? The two-tone is VERY nice! It's subtle but attractive - yet there's enough of a different for the dual to be noticable and not overpowering like silver/gold tends to me.
  15. Julie5150

    What weave could I've been thinking

    AR of 3.5 is tight - perhaps Jens Pends, Roundmaille, turkish round?