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  1. Astinus

    New scale shirt, with sleeves.

    Looks amazing, I have to say I'm most impressed by how you did the sleeves and the shoulders, I might try and revamp mine into something similar.
  2. Astinus

    Scale Armor

    Looks great, I'm with Movak don't put yourself down, Improvising is a hallmark of this craft.
  3. Astinus

    Quite the first project

    Looks great! So is this your first project, or just your first project using scale?
  4. Astinus

    I presented a chain mail Talk / Workshop at work

    When I was in college I told one of my history professors that I made mail, so she asked me to give a lecture to her ancient history, and western civ classes. It was a lot of fun she gave me the entire class period to do the presentations. She liked it so much that I returned the next semester, and the next semester till she retired.
  5. Astinus

    Scale/chainmail gauntlet?

    That looks really neat. If your any good at working with leather you could make an inner liner that laced together like a bracer you would just need something that would hold its shape. I bet that would hold it in place, and be more comfortable on your skin.
  6. Astinus

    Chausses (Leg Armor) in progress

    A belt with leather straps dropping down your leg (like a garter belt) would work.
  7. Astinus

    Finished Scale Armor Project

    Oh ok I see what you mean now. I'll have to relearn how to do a persian weave but I'll try it out and see how it looks as soon as time permits.
  8. Astinus

    Finished Scale Armor Project

    By a tighter weave do you mean increasing it from a 1 in 4 pattern to something like a 2 in 4 pattern or using a smaller diameter ring?
  9. Astinus

    finished scale shirt (whew!)

    I must say this piece has been beautifully designed and executed. Like the others I love the look of the collar! and the way you did the underside of the sleeves in leather is excellent. All in all I'm seriously impressed!
  10. Astinus

    Finally got around to taking pics (very pic heavy)

    Your work looks great! I'm curious to see how you have the scale and leather linked together. I've been working on some scale bracers and I've been trying to decide how best to attach the scales to the leather backing. I have a working prototype but I feel like it needs improvement. The leather work you've done looks really good.
  11. Astinus

    Finished Scale Armor Project

    Thanks Buggleton!! I had a ton of extra copper laying around so i figured I'd use it as trim work, I was worried that it would clash with the color of the scales, but the copper was tarnished enough that it seems to work out. I really just wanted something to break up the pauldrons from the shirt and give the lines between them more definition. Paladin I know what you mean about the split rings it took some getting use to for me when I first started using them b/c they are so different to work with then the butted rings i was use to, I ended up sticking with them b/c at the time i ordered the first kit I was on the road a lot and didn't have time to make my own rings like i usually do. This jacket has been in the woks for a little over year (finding time to work on these projects isn't as easy as it was in high school and college) My recent blitz to get this little project finished is b/c the Medieval Fair in Norman, OK is coming up in a couple months and I wanted to make sure i had everything ready for it
  12. Astinus

    Finished Scale Armor Project

    That's a good idea, That might solve the problem I've been having with the scales bunching up when i stick both arms straight out in front of me.
  13. Astinus

    Finished Scale Armor Project

    Well I used the rings that came with the kits, but I think I see what your talking about. It looks like the higher up on the body the scales become increasingly horizontal as they reach the tops of the shoulders.
  14. Astinus

    Full Scale Suits. (Pic Heavy)

    Wow thanks for posting these Silkwire they look amazing. I agree with Oz you should upload these to the gallery. So what do the weight roughly?
  15. Astinus

    Finished Scale Armor Project

    I got my wife to take some pics this afternoon, Its a pull over and the helm isn't attached (I wish i knew a more about the helm, it's something I picked up awhile back, it looks old and reminds me of some Persian/Middle Eastern or Indian helms I've seen.) I kinda feel the same way about the lite rust it kinda gives it a little character, my favorite thing about it is that it matches the helm so I almost have a matching set