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  1. Kaejo

    Mithril for her

    If I had a scale I would know for sure. I know I weighed it before at work on the same scale we weighed out malted barley and hops in. XD About 2 lbs? Mebbe less... It's super light considering the size of it. KO
  2. Kaejo

    Mithril for her

    Here's something I'm especially proud of, a tank top made of 11 thousand (or 17k... I forget) 18 gauge 3/16 bright aluminum rings. It's all e4 except for a bit of kingsmaille (or e6... I forget. Ok so I made this a while ago but just took pics, GET OFF MY BACK!) for trim. It's light, smooth, and supple thanks to using the score & break method for cutting the rings. I think even saw cut rings would be rougher because even if a closure is a micron off from being perfect, the ends are rounded off a bit thanks to the twisting of the wire as it's broken off the coil. I just took these pics earlier today with my phone so when I get a chance I'll get some better quality ones posted in the gallery. Isn't she hot?? I know, right! Anyways, let me know what you think. KO
  3. Kaejo

    Dull Stainless

    I've seen this with wire right off the spools alot, before you go through the process of tumbling you can try washing them with blue dawn to see if they're only dirty. I always have to with 18g stainless especially. Still, tumbling may improve them more. -KO
  4. Got me some 4, 6, & 8 AWG copper from Lowe's

  5. Kaejo

    Matching colors - AA & EPDM

    Can someone tell me which colors of AA match their EPDM counterparts best? I want to be sure about Dark Purple or Violet AA with Purple EPDM as well as Turquoise or Blue AA with Blue EPDM. If anyone has said rings on hand then comparison pictures would be awesome, including the other colors too just to see how well they match even though it doesn't matter much. -KO
  6. Kaejo

    Score and Break Stainless Steel

    Super effective way is to simply dremel a groove out of the tip of your cutters so that it looks like a dull claw on the tip, score the coil with the still-sharp edge just past that then grip the end of the ring opposite the score and tilt upwards.
  7. Kaejo

    alternative deburring options????

    Srsly, Bernice is right. Nothing removes burrs better and faster than putting them in a jar or can and just shaking it like mad for 10 minutes.
  8. Kaejo

    market for a saw cutting rig

    &$%@#! nevermind... A speed control won't work with an induction motor, only universal brush-type motors, which run at about 6-10,000 rpm. Well this motor would be perfect for cutting Aluminum with a 2" blade, I'll just use it for that and dream about a pulley system for steel.
  9. I came across a 1/8 hp single phase a/c motor that runs at 1050 rpm from a friend, came out a heater I think. I started out thinking about pulleys to adjust the speed to cut steel but thought I could do it much easier with a Router Speed Control from harbor freight for like $20, motor shaft arbor and drill chuck for $15, and my own saw arbor(s) and a little umhw. IF the speed control would work with this motor, wouldn't that be a more stable (no gears and shafts to wobble) and cheaper way to do it?
  10. Kaejo

    O-Ringapalooza Tube Top

    I think she thinks it's sexy to purse her lips LOL
  11. Kaejo

    O-Ringapalooza Tube Top

    Ok this kicks all sorts of buttocks....seriously ya'll....o-rings totally kill it! (the good kinda killin it) This is by far the coolest thing I've ever made, a tube top with a bit of an upside-down chevron shaped front, which I drew inspiration (ripoff!) from someone's dancer top I seen in the gallery but can't find it again and can't remember who made it, but I THINK it was either Chanty or LR. Anyways here's a pretty girl 16g 5/16 black anodized aluminum and o-rings throughout, with a lil hp4 strap to hold it's ^ shape
  12. Kaejo

    small ring bikini tops

    I made some out of the 22g 5/32 sheets of welded maille. It looks great and feels very smooth, not to mention how incredibly easy it is since the bulk of the piece is already made for you and all you have to do is weave some seams and straps into it. I just got some pics of it a few minutes ago and I'll post in the BRG when I get home from work and find the usb cable to my camera.
  13. Kaejo

    drop kick into micro maille

    I would LOVE some tiny rings for connectors in jap weaves (if the price is right). Where did you get them exactly?
  14. the photographer's restraint in not snapping pics of him when they were over his head is what's commendable
  15. Kaejo

    Suggestions on new website

    Why not just make a bunch of entries on wikipedia.org? Wouldn't using a well known site get to more people than making something new?