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  1. Ozgand


    I have recentlly tried my hand at smithing. I find it very enjoyable and usefull. If I were to buy supplies and stock (Bars and sheet), where would be a safe bet to start? ie. relyable quality, a wide veriety of metals and good service.
  2. Ozgand

    A hair piece

    Dreams are the best and worst place to get ideas. Many ideas require the breaking of at least one law of physics but, every once in a while you get an idea that is absolutely awesome and physically possible. I recently had one of these. What I'm trying to make is a row of scales, like so, that can be either braded or clipped into hair without the clip being visible. The problem is, even though I have long hair, I have never done anything like this before. I know next to nothing of hair accessories and the like. Can someone pleas point me in the right direction?
  3. Ozgand


    Is that a suede band sttitched around the brim or is it roled up and around?
  4. Ozgand

    Al e4-1 at ?g

    thank you Konstantin, for that reply. If i hadd tried to make one at this late hour, I would have ended up saying something rude. Thankyou all I'm going with 14g 5/16. I'll post pics when I get tthe shirt finished. Oz
  5. Sorry to say but we don't often get that dry heat down here in Houston. The Air Quality Control Commision has a minimum 60% humidity in the summer.

  6. Ozgand

    Al e4-1 at ?g

    I don't plan on getting hit so an ar of 3.2?
  7. Ozgand

    Al e4-1 at ?g

    I was thinking costume quality for this shirt with an ar between 3.3 and 3.9. I tried doing something with some 3/16 16g but getting any more than 3 rows was a pain and about as stiff as a plank. My first thought was 12g 3/8,5/16 or 14g 5/16,1/4 but Im just not sure if where the point is where weight becomes a problem for the rings at the top.
  8. Ozgand

    Al e4-1 at ?g

    Ahhh, it's good to be back. there are so many new faces so to speak. I'v been out of mailleing for so long! So much so that I have a bit of a new guy question. For an Al shirt what is the optimal gage to use without the weight of the shirt pulling itself apart? Good to see you all again. Thanks! Oz
  9. Ozgand

    Slave bracelets

    The bracelets look very nice. I didn't explore your site but I took a gander at the front page, personaly I would have chosen a higher contrast font to make it easier to read. Oz
  10. Ozgand

    Houston Anyone?

    I posted that as a gentle attempt to tell you to start your own thread so this one will not go off topic. Don't get me wrong I love reading about new prodjects by new people but, I think the details of your prodject should be in a thread of their own.
  11. Ozgand

    Houston Anyone?

    The Persian 10,000 imortals used scale shirts and wicker shields, if you care for the mid-eastern flavor. The vest looks good save for the sholders. Might I suggest you start your own thread if you want more feedback.
  12. Ozgand

    weapon pordject

    I'll tell you after I get to the last sentence of post #7. I'll post pics in a few months.
  13. Ozgand

    Houston Anyone?

    Houston is my back-yard. I'm just north of H-town. What about you?
  14. Ozgand

    weapon pordject

    I just did a bing search and came up with this wiki page.
  15. Ozgand

    weapon pordject

    You mentioning welded steel gave me the idea to do the same proces wit bronze, brass, and copper. I knowthere is a name for that proces but I can't for the life of me remember what it is. Fortunatly, I will again have acces to soldering equipment and a rollmill this spring semester.