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  1. MercutioRalse

    Tie patterns.

    Maybe this http://www.mailleartisans.org/articles/articledisplay.php?key=495
  2. MercutioRalse

    Tie patterns.

    I am looking into the micromail tie tutorial, but there isn't a picture of the rest of the tie. I want to make one that look good. In my opinion, this means that it's mostly opaque, isn't a straight narrow tie (I am a big guy and skinny ties draw attention to the fact that I am not skinny), and a relatively smooth edge. I googled dragonscale ties and the expansions made the edge look pixelated. Is there a way to edge the tie or may gradiate to size of the outer rings to minimize or eliminate this effect? Maybe rotate the weave 90 degrees so you can bury the expansions/contractions inside the tie? I there a different weave that has the same opacity, but is less prone to this effect?
  3. MercutioRalse

    jewelry welder

    Trl's Jewelery arc welder is the specific welder I have. I am less interested in finding a welder that can weld nickel silver and more interested in if it's safe to weld my nickle silver ring in the welder I own.
  4. MercutioRalse

    jewelry welder

    I recently obtained a jewlery welder, and I have a question/concern. Nickel silver is listed as something it can weld. Nickel silver contains zinc. Zinc is the reason we don't weld Galvy an I don't use it at all. Am I missing a chemical reason for why I won't be poisoning myself and my family by welding it? Can anyone recommend a arc weldable, affordable silver substitute? I like to make display pieces in ns and jewelers brass and then take commissions on the expensive metals.
  5. MercutioRalse

    historical jewelry weaves

    Thanks. I have been mailing for about 10 Years, but I got a little intimated by all the discussion of "period" when I joined the SCA.
  6. MercutioRalse

    historical jewelry weaves

    Is there a good sight or list of historical chain mail weaves used in Jewelry? I have recently joined the SCA and would like to defray the cost of making my armor with some jewelry. documentable sources would be even better
  7. MercutioRalse

    The 'nerd' factor

    I agree with Euar. Embrace it. Also, there will always be an association between chainmail jewelry and armor, which doesn't discourage the association.
  8. MercutioRalse

    Spring stainless

    I had a customer question whether 304 alloy can be spring hardened and suggested that it was tool hardened. This is beyond my understanding. Any chance someone could answer this while I educate myself.
  9. MercutioRalse

    flat rate shipping and hauberk

    Yes. My question was whether anyone had tried to fit a similar piece in that size box.
  10. MercutioRalse

    flat rate shipping and hauberk

    Thank you. The armor isn't started yet. I am just trying to get an idea of shipping costs
  11. MercutioRalse

    flat rate shipping and hauberk

    Had anyone ever tried to get a 14g 3/8 hauberk in a priority mail flat rate box. I doubt it is possible, but I have seen stranger things
  12. MercutioRalse

    Black stainless steel coif care.

    I am 50% completed make coif half stamped stainless and half black stainless. The black oil on the ring, what is the easiest way to remove it? I don't own a tumbler. I intend to where the piece once a week for sca fighter practice and events. I read a post suggesting the oils from my skin would prevent rust with regular wear. Is this truth or wishful thinking? If oiling the mail is still a good idea, can I use a clear oil like veg oil to prevent the big black marks on my forehead?
  13. MercutioRalse

    ~20lbs .080 CP Ti Wire

    .08 mm? Inches? Gauge? Cp ti is titanium. Please forgive my ignorance.
  14. MercutioRalse

    backing for hockey gloves

    For sca fighting, I am looking to cover the backs of my hockey gloves with mail. According to my local field Marshal and the field Marshal guidelines the gloves alone fit the protective requirement. As such, the mail would be mostly decorative. I still might take a shot to the hands and don't want to rebuild the gloves every tournament. Any recommendations on ring size?
  15. MercutioRalse

    1 hole scale tags

    Is this a new product? A step in the process? A custom order?