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    Weave for chainmail ball?

    I've been thinking about making a chainmail ball. Thought I'd use 8 in 2 pattern to give it strength but it's just not holding up. I'm using rings with 8mm diameter and 0.9mm thickness, I guess this could be the problem? Has anyone done this before and can help? T'anks
  2. Pharlax

    Weave for chainmail ball?

    The first one is great! I dont suppose you remember what kind of rings you used?
  3. Pharlax

    Weave for chainmail ball?

    Thanks that's pretty helpfull. I've got some rings with 2.2 AR coming in the post so I might give it a bash with those. Hopefully I'll get farther than my current sad little piles of rings that I've managed so far.
  4. Pharlax

    Weave for chainmail ball?

    As far as I can tell the ring material is some kind of metal? Probabably aluminium from the weight. Unless you meant material for what's inside the ball, i'm trying to do it with air, hence the structural problems. I'm not fussed about it being totally rigid but all my attempts have, literally, fallen flat. And I just want it as a plaything really, might chuck it about a little but it'll probably just sit on my desk.