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    just a quizickly simple man who enjoys :)
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  1. Monkeys tail

    Anodized Aluminum

    Any eta for 16 5/16 black ice? Find myself needing 8 pounds.
  2. Monkeys tail

    12g 3/8 !?!

    Find myself needing 5 pounds of 12g 3/8id in black ice. Gord, when responding to my emails, suggests I inquire here for the possible restock timeframe, declining the idea of a special order. So... Is this something that will eventually be brought back? If so... When?
  3. Monkeys tail

    Stainless Steel - Black and Plain

    SS18316? December 16th had come and gone...
  4. Monkeys tail

    New colors szed wrong?

    I ordered 3/16... Will have to find out when they arrive.
  5. Monkeys tail

    New colors szed wrong?

  6. Monkeys tail

    New colors szed wrong?

    Would seem to be an issue with wire diameter being smaller then the standard thickness used for 18g (Yes, I know there is a small window of sizes that are within each gauge), that is causing issue with pieces not forming as expected.
  7. Monkeys tail

    New colors szed wrong?

    For the majority, it's the 18 gauge in various smaller sizes. Would have to find the articles again to get precise orders
  8. Monkeys tail

    New colors szed wrong?

    After ordering an amount of the new color Midnight, I came across a umber of folks discussing just how far off the advertised are from their actual measurements. Anyone know if there a snafu?
  9. Monkeys tail

    Sir Spudsalot

    'Nuff said!
  10. Monkeys tail

    5356 vs 5556

    simple question really, which leaves the skin cleaner? after a few orders of "bright" rings from TRL and personally, have been disappointed. so what blend of alum leaves the skin as close to clean as one can get?
  11. Monkeys tail

    NW idaho anyone??

    just wondering what other knitters happen to be in north idaho. would enjoy the chance to chat! even if i have to hold a gathering