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    feel overshadowed by fellow mailler in town
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  1. Kavier

    Ho ho ho

    did the little boy get shipped out too?
  2. Kavier

    custom pliers for stainless

    I am guessing you mean the rubber band part. Hmm...wish I knew how to upload a pic...have not done that in over a year. Ok, basically, I wrap the rubber band around the handle, above where I would grip it but right below where the handles come together, and then, depending on what thickness ring I am working on, I wrap one or more loops of rubber band into the space where the pliers come together ...under the X part of the pliers. It only holds the pliers barely open but thats all I need to get a ring in. Hope that explains it. Kavier Snail mailler
  3. Kavier

    custom pliers for stainless

    Just for an idea about making super cheap "springs!" for your linesman pliers...rubber bands. I use some cheapo linesman pliers , about 7 or 8 inches long that have no spring. I use a rubber band to make the pliers want to be naturally open. And cause my left hand hurts sometimes, I use a filmy foam pad stuck to the one handle of my left pliers. Kavier Snail mailler
  4. Kavier

    HP 4:1 joining

    Not sure if this would help you on joining the HP 4-1 but ...I could never get HP 4-1 down...I tried like 7 diferent methods/tuts...I kept losing it...never got it to work for me...but after 2 years. a friend showed me Alligator Back...though he called it something else. Using Euro 4-1 and then stitching up the sides with HP 4-1. It was the easiest way I think to learn HP 4-1 if you have problems with it falling into a mess in the beginning. Way too easy after trying and failing to do it for 2 years. It is real easy to join two ends of Euro 4-1 and then it makes it easy to join the HP 4-1 part, and then remove the Euro middle ring and side rings. Kavier snail mailler
  5. Well, the Kentucky Ren Faire is over for this year but it is in Eminence Ky. 1 hour from Louisville. Or just go to RenFairs.com or org ...i think...somewhere is a listing of all the Ren Fairs in the country. Or Google it. Good luck, Kavier

  6. Kavier

    Stainless Steele Shot Mix

    I have never tried the steel shot mix yet. For my stainless steel, all I do is open all the rings some, and then throw them in the tumble (spinning, not vibratory) for a day or so and all the sharp edges are gone. I have even left them in there for longer periods of time...it works fine. I do add some white rice, just to shine the rings a little as they get deburred and burnished. I did try some stainless steel clad aluminum discs from the stainless steel clad aluminum scales...but I was using them with soapy water as well as the stainless steel rings...and I left the discs in the water over night, accidentally and they rusted on me. The discs rusted. :0 Good luck with the media, please let us know if it works better than rings alone. Kavier Snail mailler
  7. Kavier

    Snaps through E6/1?

    I secured my Euro 6 in 1 watch band with a simple S style clasp. i.e. I bent a ring till it became an S shape and close one end and secured that to one side of the watch band. Then, I could clasp the other part of the S into the other side. I thought it might not be secure but it worked great. Sadly, the Timex gave out before my maile did...so I no longer wear it as the watch itself broke. I'll try to find a pic. Kavier Snail mailler
  8. Kavier

    help needed

    Since they are rusting, I would have a guess that they are mild steel. Mild steel can be very shiny when cleaned or burnished but will definately rust. Are they kinda heavy? If you want more like that , just get some Stainless steel in that size. They won't rust and can be just as shiny. Kavier snail mailler
  9. Kavier

    Louisville Kentucky

    Hello Louis, Awesome...hmmm, I have not noticed anything like that in Louisville since my son was born. But if something comes up I can always email you. As for South Central Kentucky...I know there are some maillers in Elizabethtown or...there used to be...and possibly some in Bowling Green. I know of them through the LARP I play called Amtgard. There is a chapter in both towns. So, I have met people from each and know that some of them did chainmaille. If you want to learn more of them, email me or PM me. Either way, good to hear from another Kentuckian Mailler. Kavier currently the slowest mailler I know :/
  10. Kavier

    Louisville Kentucky

    Sounds good to me. Also...I remember the days when I tried to add a new weave like that pretty often but I fell behind and kinda ran into a brick wall with P 4-1. Grrr...Tried to learn it like 6 or 7 different ways, kinda gave up...kept throwing the small ,umm...mess against the wall! Slowed way down when my son was born...still have not even gotten his shirt done. :/ Kavier
  11. Kavier

    Louisville Kentucky

    Hi Nevar, I am almost afraid to post anything about what you said. The last two times I replied to a Louisville gathering , the people quit responding to my posts. :/ Well, I guess if you are ever going to come into Louisville for something else, maybe we could set up a little gathering. I am teaching others here to mail. One fellow I taught at work , he made a bikini for his wife and he is working on a guitar strap for himself. A teenager that plays Amtgard with me, he made his own shirt and he makes bracelets and necklaces to sale, and there have been a few others...most quit after one or two projects. I still work on different projects but I am really slow. I want my rings to line up and no snags to be felt...I am kinda a perfectionist about it. Thus, I am really slow. Good luck, Kavier
  12. Kavier

    Isotropic shirt

    Wow...likey likey... What kind of job did the maker of this shirt get?
  13. Kavier

    New Products! Including Tags!

    They look cool and useful but I cannot find how many I get for $5. A bag but not how many in a bag. Great idea! Kavier
  14. Kavier

    Louisville Kentucky

    Ok MidgetMage, I have not heard back from you but I was talking to my cousin, who is WAY better at mailling than me, and he suggested Japanese 4 in 1 on a bias for the lower part of your shirt. The Japanese 4 in 1 on a bias pulls in on itself and conforms somewhat to the shape under it. This would allow you to be able to put it on and it should draw up under your bust. You could even make it cooler by connecting it with dags. Email me or pm me and we can see if I can help you. Kavier
  15. Kavier

    Louisville Kentucky

    "LIEK OMG! THAT IS SOOOO KEWL! L ...O...L Yea I have gotten that too. Most people that show interest are turned off when I tell them that they could make what I did pretty easily. All it would take is a little time and some patience...and a few rings. But most say that they would never have that kind of patience. As for your shirt....hmmm, you might want to post on how to over come the fitting issue. I see your avatar and if you are fairly well endowed as compaired to your slimness... well, it would be better if I saw you in person. But...off the top of my head, if you really want the shirt to be form fitting, you could try a few different things. One, have help finishing the shirt and wear it as a permy. (just kidding ) Ok , another , more realistic idea is to have it fit a little loose or...snug over your bust but not too snug and then have parts where you can lace up either open sections or just loose sections to make it tighter. You could have a row of S-hooks on one side or both that you could hook after you get your shirt on. The last idea I have ,without seeing the shirt is to make it just big enough to get your bust through and have a hook or something to pull in the weave right under the bust, thus making the shirt tighter, under. Still hoping Caska sees this thread. Let me know some time when you would like to meet. Kavier p.s. I have some rings in most sizes...if you needed a little to finish something , let me know.