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  1. So i was recently commisoined to make a chainmaille bikini (know how to do that easy) She also has requested sleeves bell style http://home.earthlink.net/~bloomerj/images/sleves_small.jpg That is what she found and would like something simliar but gave me freedom of creation... my question is would it be better to start with a barrel and add expansions or should i just create the pattern then stitch it together after i have made the 2 halves of each sleeve? im worried this will create a unsightly seem been banging my head on the desk for a hour now with the best way to approch this sucker
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    My best advice i can give after doing chainmaille for i don't even know how long now is, closures closures closures. How I got started when I was a apprentice was my master handed me a rather large jar and said just close all the rings it helps you get in that rhythm and figure out the best way to do it without mutilating your hands or rings other than that I say keep the weaves simple (European 4-1, Box weave, ect) to start off with bigger rings to get the weave right then you can move on to smaller rings.