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    Architecture, historical reenactment, astrology, medieval martial arts, politics, history, 2d/3d graphics.
  1. RAdesign

    E4-1 and comission questions

    I`d do that commision anyway. You learn, and by proving versality, you`ll make your market potentially larger. What`s more - it`s just a bike seat. It` not very big, it`s just european 4-in-1. Counting from the date of your first post here, you could have already made a dozen of such covers from some basic materials. Also, you would have known all potential obstacles, and the exact time it took you. I think you should do one of some cheap material just to test if it fits, and talk about price range while trying it on that seat. It should also be a narrow range after you finish doing cheap mockup. Even if your client resigns, you will gain precious knowledge, doing a cheap aluminium mockup first costs you barely nothing in terms of material.
  2. I`d buy a working ringinator-like set, with arbor and all stuff. Preferably from within Europe - because I`m sick thinking about all beurocratic custom and tax BS involved with importing from USA/Canada, which would most probably end in me waiting for customs procedure to finish for around a month or more. However a disassembled, dirty machine parts could probably be sent to me from USA as a gift, with no problems, so there is also an alternative for EU-buying. Finally, perhaps there is a good soul planning to travel to Europe, willing to bring it with. I`m looking for alternatives for ringinator too. I mostly cut soft metals - Al, Cu, Ag.
  3. RAdesign

    Finger calluses

    Skin hardens after time. I`ve made so many steel hauberks in my life, that I no longer have calouses, especially after working with aluminium. As for your case - prevention is crucial. I used lightly padded gloves and often changed hands and pliers handles positioning on fingers.
  4. RAdesign

    Sword practice exercises?

    Well, it all depends wether you want to learn real sword techniques, for public shows, or something like SCA, tournaments, etc. What one usually sees during shows is very limited, because most original techniques are dangerous. For example thrusts normally would be used 40%-60% times in real sword fights, depending on sword and enemy type, adding grappling, half-sword and many other techniques. However, thrusts and grappling is banned in most tournaments. By this standards, naturally elegant swordplay that requires agility and skill, turns into tournaments of "Me knight smash!" However, if you want to learn real swordplay, try ARMA, AEMMA or similar societies. ARMA scholars try to re-discover old techniques, basing on old treaties, manuscripts, and trying it out. You could use your sword for private training, provided it has proper dimensions - for short sword (often used with buckler) it`s around 90-110 cm, 900-1100 g weight. For longsword its 110-150 cm, 1200-1700 g weight. It could be different, if you have uncommon height, posture. For someone of 2 meters height, 120 kg weight, I`d recommend bigger swords ;>
  5. RAdesign

    Sweets anyone?

    Yup. Chrust (lit.brushwood/firewood) or Faworki (name differs) are typical bake for T?usty Czwartek (Fat Thursday) - the last day of carnival - along with doughnuts with jam filling (but not american torus shaped doughnuts, just round ones). A day, when doughnuts are everywhere - people with bags of doughnuts in the streets, plates of doughnuts in work. I don`t usually eat doughnuts, but then I eat at least four. Or eight. ;p I love our traditional with rose petals jam filling. @mimic It seems like hungarian variation of mazurek, it had walnuts, so it had to taste like heaven ;> There are quite a lot of similiar dishes, but with different approach - for example "pierogi leniwe" made with white sour cheese are simple and light second course food in Poland, but in Hungary it`s a posh dessert (they look similar to gnocchi). Sorry for your teeth. If I eat too much pineapple my entire mouth bleed - because of the bromeline or whatever this deviltry iscalled ;p
  6. RAdesign

    Favorite genre and movie

    As for pure detective movies, I`ll always go for british series - Sherlock Holmes (with Jeremy Brett), Hercule Poirot (with David Suchet) and Cadfael (with Derek Jacobi) Japaneese detective stories ? Hmpf... Nora Inu (Stray Dog) - very old, but still good. Ghost in the Shell SAC series are detective stories. Kind of. But it`s anime.
  7. RAdesign

    Thinking to make a aluminum coif

    Aluminium conducts heat very well (that`s why it`s used for as "heat-sinks"), but I wouldt`l leave it it full sun for too long - it may burn you. Also I`d suggest anodized aluminium, as the ordinary alloys tend to react with sweat and may leave some grey smudges on your skin or clothes (however - very easy to remove just with soap and water). So called "bright alluminium" ages quite well, if worn often - a layer of steel-ish/silver-gray oxide gradually covers the surface, and it looks a little bit like stainless steel.
  8. RAdesign

    Faded Blues bracelet

    Booo...closures. They look sooo bad.
  9. RAdesign

    Need advice for a chainmail shirt

    Dear Connor, please try bigger rings, or I`m afraid you`ll end up in an asylum ;> Real hauberks had different sized rings and wire thickness. ID of about 8 mm /WD ~1,6mm is lowest I would advise, but even 10 mm ID rings hauberk looks good. For WD around 2mm - try at least 12 mm ID rings. It will be lighter and your joints and spine will thank you for that ;>
  10. RAdesign

    Best chain weave armpits for scale mail

    I`m not quite sure - do you mean scales under armpits ? If you meant just the chainmail, I suggest 2 perpendicular triangles or expansions. I`ve used this several times for battle hauberks, and it provided enough flexibility for swordplay, so it may be it...
  11. yay, isn`t that a little bit too heavy for you ? =)
  12. RAdesign

    Octopus lamp

    Impressive octopussy ;>
  13. RAdesign

    Chainmaille Faerie Dragon

    Are the wings made of some molded alloy ? Epoxy , putty ?
  14. RAdesign

    Scale Bat Suit

    lol. not sure if creepy or brilliant
  15. RAdesign

    Sweets anyone?

    I always go for traditional cakes my aunts bake (funny how many words for cake are in polish, I could mention few dozens right now), like easter "mazurek" ( or sorry couldn`t find translated versions)"makowiec" (poppy strudel - )or my favourite walnut cake (several layers of cake made with grinded walnut mixed with flour, butter-walnut cream and bottom layer soaked with some walnut liqueur) I could never refuse walnuts on several occasions I tried english wedding cakes and they were like all the same - tasteless and dry, and their idea of traditional custard seems quite wierd to me. I once heard funny story about a guy in a rehab in NY, he got a pass for Easter to go to his family in Poland, and he ate too much of traditional "makowiec". Apparently it had shown some as a marginal difference in his tests after he got back to the NY, and nobody believed him it was from eating poppy seeds, because according to rehab workers they have no use in any cusine in the world and no evidence couldn`t persuade them. Finally he got away with it because results aberrations were not large enough to prove anything for sure, but he had enough trouble for it anyway. The story was in local radio, and the guy presented some evidence, and everybody was surprised by how narrow minded some people can be. As for typical cakes that are made in USA and Canada, I know and can make only pumpkin and carrot cake. I wonder if they are any your local specialties you know of...?