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  1. montanaflash23

    How do you save space?

    I know it's been mentioned,but try zip-lock bags. They're what i use and they're some of the most efficient things you could ever get, at least storage for space wise. I'm able to store all my rings and stuff in a little toolbox using baggies.
  2. montanaflash23

    Which chainmaille forums do you follow?

    I've posted a bit over on M.A.I.L. and used their database. They were actually the very first mailling site i ever found when i started, so i naturally asked lots of questions there. I've always found the folks there to be pretty darn helpful. That and there seems to be a bit of crossover between M.A.I.L. and theringlord, not so much with maillers world wide. I go on their a bit, but don't generally post, either.
  3. montanaflash23

    chain maille rosary advice

    I know i've used a single unit of byzantine so that you get a shape very similar to a nice ball. But if you don't want to do that, all you need to do is just find a weave you like and make it so it's the same length on all sizes so it'll resemble a ball of sorts
  4. montanaflash23

    chainmaille bugs

    Glad yall like them, they were fun to make.
  5. montanaflash23

    Bartering Maille At The Faire...Ever Done It?

    I'll grant you I've never bartered at a fair or some such, but i've been quite successful at bartering at our local farmer's market. The first time was i had taken a girl to our local fair and i saw some folks who were doing henna tattoos, so i was able to have them give the girl a $35 tattoo for a trade for whatever i had that they may want. Another time was i needed to get something for my grandma's birthday, so i traded a chainmail dragonfly for some yellow woven basket thingy, and that was for $25. Like griffin said, unless i have a working relationship or at least selling at the same event, then i don't really barter with folks. It's easier to just take money from 'em.
  6. montanaflash23

    barbie model

    Here's what happens when you live thirty miles from the nearest town and boredom sets in: you make clothes for barbies. Anyway, used two different ring sizes and two different weaves. For most of it, i used European 4-1 in 2.25mm rings and for edging along the skirt top, Half-Persian 3-1. I think the rings for it were 2.75mm or 3.00mm.

    © Cody Lester

  7. montanaflash23

    chainmaille bugs

    Some chainmaille bugs i'd done for the contest, geekdom, over on M.A.I.L. Some of these are much more awesomer then others, but they all still came out pretty darn cool. There are eight different bug groups represented here and about 10 or more weaves that were used (no two bugs used the same weave). Lots of different ring sizes were used in either aluminum or enameled copper.

    © Cody Lester

  8. montanaflash23

    You might be a mailler if...

    I know this was getting old, but i just couldn't resist adding this one i had the other day. I think it's kind of funny, but anyway YMBAMI: You meet a girl who does chainmaille, too and you end up going back to your dorm to show her your toolbox full of tools (and you go through all the pliers and rings and scales and the whole time she's going oooo) eventually you give her three bags of 20g 1/8". You then go to her dorm so you can ooooo and ahhhh over all her shiny pliers and tools and promise you'll use your amazing ringinator to cut any coils for her or loan her any rings if necessary . It's awesome meeting someone who does maille by happenstance at college, it's amazing
  9. montanaflash23


    I largely use pandora radio, so the music always varies slightly from Shania Twain, Faith Hill, Garth Brooks, George Strait, Tim McGraw, etc... But recently i've needed something new, so i've been trying a new artist called DJ Satomi, very interesting stuff there.
  10. montanaflash23

    Weaves you DON'T like?

    One way i find to finish a triplicate weave off, like Roundmaille or Turkish, is take the last three rings, and just put two rings into those two, and then you can put your clasp or whatever on the last two. If you use larger rings, use smaller. If smaller, use the same size. That's how i've finished all of my Turkish and Roundmaille bracelets.
  11. montanaflash23

    Looking for enchanter in the Houston area!

    Someone correct me if i am wrong, but man, i think you may be on the wrong forum for what you are looking for. This place is for creating chainmail armour or jewelry, and i don't think there are any people here who could "enchant" anything for anybody. You may want to take your request to another forum, you may have better luck somewhere else.
  12. montanaflash23

    Craft Show inventory

    A small note on earring rack set ups, i honestly think it helps a little bit to have some space between each earring card, you don't want to jam as many onto whatever display you have, you want to space them out a little. That's just what i've noticed and think.
  13. montanaflash23

    Craft Show inventory

    If this show lasts for more then just one day and lasts for most of that day, I'd personally make more earrings then 100. People don't mind spending $10 or less on a nice pair of earrings versus a $20-$40 bracelet or necklace. Appeal to the cheaper folks with a couple of more expensive pieces for those who don't mind spending money.. And what i find that works amazing for displaying earrings, especially if you have them on cards, but if not, that works too, are cooling racks. You can go and get a big one for .99 cents down at a thrift store so you won't hardly lose any invest in it. I bet someone has some better advice or experiance, but that's my two cents.
  14. montanaflash23

    You might be a mailler if...

    YMBAMI: Your biggest concern when you go off to college isn't what clothes to pack, or if you should bring a fridge or TV, but what rings and chainmailling things to bring along so you can maille for several weeks, is your biggest worry.
  15. montanaflash23

    You might be a mailler if...

    YMBAMI: You've read this thread twice and laughed yer way through it both times.