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  1. Slipshod

    Anyone know of anything in the GA/TN area?

    Heyas:) I live in Kennesaw and would be happy to compare notes with someone local:) And as far as chain jewelry, I just started making some simple pieces 2 weeks ago and its been selling like hotcakes in the downtown office I work at. so far almost nobody has seen anything like it. I need to find a good, low fee local craft show sometime soon I think:)
  2. Slipshod

    I needs me a little advice:)

    Well, just learned about tumbling a couple 3 weeks ago:) and I guess maybe real tumbling isn't what I have been doing, so far have just been using the "shake links vigorously in glass jar" method:) the rest of my work so far has been in mats that don't need tumbling. (saw cut bright aluminium and anodized aluminium) Love the trunk ideas, think I will try tossing it in the trunk and let it go crazy. I am a courier and my trunk is usually empty so should get some good action. And about Galvy....yeah I am done with that stuff:) Got a small batch of Stainless saw cut on ebay and oh my!! what a difference:) I do have to say that for the most part I will now be using ring lord premade sawcut links. Its like I have been making chain all the years in the dark and someone just hit the light switch:) Thanks for the advice ya'll:)
  3. Slipshod

    I needs me a little advice:)

    Hey folks, hope everyone is enjoying the day:) little background, I am a 20+ year chainmail maker, pretty good at it if I say so myself:) Until recently, I have only made armor, and really didn't know any tricks to make an exceptional product. My shirts have always been well made and very sturdy, but the concept of tumbling wasn't in my playbook:) Well, I completed my latest hauberk, and while its well made there are some burrs. I only discovered tumbling halfway thru and while I did tumble my links from then on, some of it still needs a little de-burring. I used the glass jar shaking method, but need to tumble a 40-50 pound piece if possible. I thought about a pillowcase in the dryer, but am afraid it will trash the Dryer lol:) Any advice? oh, forgot to mention it's galvanized steel with a little brass trim on the edges:)
  4. Slipshod

    My first hand flower

    So I finished my first hand flower yesterday. Used an alternating combo of 18g 1/4 id brass and bright aluminum. In order to have a steampunkish kinda look/feel, added a gear just below the finger loop, and I included some small gears around the base of the wrist in a charm sort of layout. Got the gears and the clasp from michaels. Materials cost was about $5 and it took me maybe 2 hours. Sorry for the darkish pic, my iphone is acting up:)
  5. Slipshod

    Slipshods 1st hand flower

  6. Slipshod

    Advice on pricing a shirt

    Thanks for the input:) Based on what I have seen here, I think I am going to go with a starting try of $500 and see what happens, wish me luck! I'n in no hurry to sell it so perhaps the right buyer will meander along:) As far as the per-hour charge, I understand your point, however I would think it applies more to custom made items and not so much when an item is made without a buyer waiting. if there are 2 very similar shirts for sale, the buyer would have no interest in who spent the most time making it, they would just want the better price. (assuming all other factors are pretty much even:)) Lots of dynamics:) One thing I am taking from this is a stopwatch app, I am suddenly curious how much time it takes me to make certain items:) Thanks all and have a great day!
  7. Slipshod

    Advice on pricing a shirt

    Thanks for the replies:) I understand the ideas ya'll set forward, however the time I have and will put into the shirt is tough for me to figure up. Its a lot of 5-10 min periods at my real job, and time watching tv and clipping/opening/closing links. This is a hobby for me, so I really don't want to spend a lot of time figuring up profit margins and such. As far as my skill level, I have been making stuff for about 20 or so years. Just getting back into making maile after a 5 yr break:) In the past, the vast majority of my pieces have been sold from a table at a local LARP to help pay LARP expenses, and gave it up after a divorce:) My skill level is pretty high, I know what I am doing and I take a lot of care to insure a quality piece. The rings in this shirt are butted using the knipex mini bolt bolt cutters, plan to start using Ringlord machine cut rings in the future:) Materials cost will end up at about $75 worth of Galvanized steel and about $15 in Brass, $40 for the pliers and I had to buy a new pair of gloves for $10:) I was hoping to get $300 for the shirt, but really don't know if thats reasonable, I see shirts for $100 on Ebay. So the question i had maybe needs bit of rewording... If you made a shirt as I described, what would you charge? Don't need exact figures, just a rough estimate so I don't hurt the market or myself by either massivly over or undercharging.
  8. Slipshod

    Advice on pricing a shirt

    Good morning fellow Chainmailers:) I am about 90% finished with my latest shirt, and need a little help with pricing. I used 16 gage galvanized steel with a 5/16 ID. It hangs to the crotch area, has sleeves about 2/3 of the way to the elbow, and fits me. I am 5'6, 230 with a substantial pot belly lolol:) It will be trimmed in Brass, 3-4 rows, around the hem, sleeves and neck opening. Any thoughts would be helpful:) Also making a coif in 18g 1/4 ID bright aluminum. Don't plan on a mantle at this point but maybe a price with and without? Thanks all, 'preciate any advice:)