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  1. Dang, I haven't been on the forums in years? Had to change that, especially since USPS dropped off a new batch of rings! Gotta take a few more pictures, as soon as the pliers get unglued from my hands...

  2. Sta7ic

    Fun picture

    Oh hey, the amp is mic'ed...
  3. Sta7ic

    Didn't sell a single thing :(

    Don't get too discouraged if you don't sell anything at small shows. The first show I was at was a little 'freebie' at my university, and while everyone thought it was nifty, I didn't sell anything. The most recent show I was at was a bellydancing show, and I barely broke even on the table fee. I've seen people do fairly well at the ren faires and craft shows, however, but haven't asked them for numbers (which I figure is the height of impoliteness mid-show). Moral of the story is that the general markets don't really draw the sorts of people who'll be looking for handcrafted goods, whereas the specifically themed events are better at bringing those people in. Hang in there, we're all in this together.
  4. Sta7ic

    What have I done?

    Don't worry, the friendly people in white at the optometrist can help you with your "problems". And by "problems" I mean ability to focus on extra shiny 20ga 1/8" rings. Mmm, silver & niobium. -huhwhat? Sorry, got distracted.
  5. Sta7ic

    Silver sawdust

    Okay, I've been saw-cutting some rings by hand to make some 18ga sterling wire 'go away'. I wrap the coil in masking tape to give them structure, and end up with a small pile of sawdust. I've been saving the little bits and pieces of silver from trimming head pins, coil ends, over-cooked rings, etc, since I figure it all melts. What I'm wondering is if anyone *knows* if it's a good or a bad idea to mix this sawdust in with the rest of the silver scrap. Should it be soaked in something (to remove any masking tape glue and paper), gently burned, written off and thrown out, or given as a sacrifice to the FSM? ...no, it doesn't add up to much. I probably have a quarter ounce of scrap (if that) after six years of various chainmail projects.
  6. Sta7ic

    Bronze Double Barrel Bracelet

    VERY nice!
  7. Sta7ic

    Supporting My Chainmaille Addiction

    Just make sure some part of the lanyard is sturdy enough to jam any paper shreader the badge gets caught in, or loose enough to yank off. I have a custom lanyard, and there was some concern about that until they noticed that the 1" o-ring isn't going through a shreader any time soon.
  8. Sta7ic

    What size rings are nice to keep on hand?

    I usually have a stack of 16ga 1/4" for medium pieces, 20ga 1/8" for small pieces, 20ga or 18ga 3/16" for jewelry (20 1/8 & 3/16 make DS), or 16ga 5/16" for decent weight chains. 18ga 1/4" also makes a nice hp4-1 or FP. I haven't used anything larger that 3/8" or 16ga (and that was also DS), so take this with some salt.