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    Jewelry making, fiber related crafts, reading, animals, beading, stained glass, leather crafting, and sewing.
  1. callie97

    Dragon Kits?

    I'd like to see copper/blue, blue/black, blue/purple. I really like the new dragon scale scales.
  2. callie97

    Armor inspiration everywhere

    You could get large black scales and tack the white small scale on top.
  3. callie97


    I'm in SW Missouri, between Joplin and Springfield.
  4. callie97

    other hobbies

    My hobbies are beading, sewing, leather tooling, stain glass, lampworked beads, ceramics, quilting, knitting, crocheting, tunisian crochet, dyeing fiber, spinning (on a drop spindle and wheel), weaving, reading, raising shetland sheep, taking care of 3 alpacas and 1 llama, 3 goats, 4 dogs, and 5 cats. Did I leave anything out???
  5. callie97

    Help with making small scale flowers

    I highly recommend watching the video about making the scale flower in the scale kit section. It shows all the issues and how to put it together and how to work around the issues you are having.
  6. callie97

    Prong Settings

    I haven't tried this, but I've read in many places that you can electro plate your silver with copper particals left over in your pickle pot. Put some copper pieces in your pickle, remove, then put in your silver. The copper will plate it. This was recommended to me when I getting the supplies to make a copper setting for a stone, before copper solder was on the market. Also, have also put silver pronged setting on different metals like gold and the amount of silver you see in the prongs is not visible. It picks up the gold color and you don't even know it isn't the same metal. If you put it under a scope or magnifier, then you can tell, but from a glance, nope. ETA: Need to place a piece of binding wire in when you want to electro-plate the silver. The steel causes the copper to stick to the silver.
  7. callie97

    Ring SIze

    It's all in the AR man. Byzintine is good around a 3.5 AR so for 16 you'd want 5.5mm ID.
  8. callie97

    The truth about PETA

    I was working part time at a shoe store and I lady came in with a PETA shirt on. I was the only clerk available so I had to go and wait on her. When I got closer I read her shirt again and decided I needed to find one for me. P -people for E -eating T -tasty A -animals