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  1. hard to tell from the pic, but it looks like a modified mink tail to me.
  2. I bought these a year or two ago ( and I loved them so much I bought another pair in the chain nose. They're great with 20 & 22 ga, and work with 18 just fine, but I wouldn't use them for anything larger. I had to adjust the spring a bit when I first bought them because they were opening much wider than I wanted, but that was not hard to do. The spring are very firmly attached, and probably easy to replace yourself if you needed too. At $7-8 a pair, they don't cost an arm and a leg if you need to replace them. I've wrapped the handles in several layers of soft medical tape to make them easier on my hands. Also, the ends are small enough that a thin coating of tool magic doesn't make them too bulky to use.
  3. You would be hard put to find anodized aluminum in anything smaller than 20 gauge. You might be able to find regular or bright aluminum in smaller gauges (and TRL sells etched in 22 gauge) but then you would be looking at anodizing and dying them yourself, which is a whole lot more work. Plus, aluminum in smaller sizes will be too weak to hold up to much abuse (thus why it is so hard to find). Go with brass, much easier to find, more durable, and harder to scratch the color off.
  4. if you feed wire through the legs to give them some form you could make it look more like a spider. just use the largest wire you can fit through the thinnst part of the legs and feed it through to the other side. bend the wire where you want the joins.
  5. well this is different.

  6. I love the lobster claws that swivel because it doesn't matter if you clasp the bracelet the right way around, the clasp will just swivel if its not lined up right. tube clasps are great for wider pieces. magnetic clasps have their place too, usually with necklaces for people who might have them grabbed by children or animals and don't want the chain to break or hurt their neck (they require enough force to pull apart that you def feel it and can rescue the chain before its swallowed by said animal or child or damaged) or for those with difficulties with other kinds of clasps. i avoid toggle and hook/eye clasps. I've lost too many pieces from ones that just wouldnt stay closed.
  7. you can go to the do not call list website and report that you are getting junk calls from X number. i put my cell on the list and still got calls for my car warranty. i reported it finally as a violation and haven't gotten a single call since then.
  8. totally awesome i may have to copy you
  9. stats?
  10. Enameled Copper and BA in 20 1/8, silver plated slide clasp. I am quite pleased with how this turned out and so proud of myself for finishing this even though I have Sims 3 to play with now too (have to go back and tweek a few closures I see....)
  11. 20 7/64 is perfect for biz. just a shade larger than the 3/32, it allows for that second connector easily and makes a very nice, tight weave.
  12. it might just be a conflict between open office and the files. but you can try to open windows explorer (or equivalent) to the location where you saved the file. right click on the file and select "properties". under the general tab in the window that pops up, make sure "read-only" is not checked.
  13. no suggestions unfortunately, but i just had to add that coheed and cambria rocks my socks :-)
  14. is that a cute little beardie (bearded dragon) i see? (little being a relative term methinks)
  15. I'm going to guess a thick necklace or a scarf type deal...