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  1. IchiBlack

    Hand Anodized Titanium Scale Fall

    I really love how this turned out :3
  2. IchiBlack

    Brass Ball

    *insert witty joke*
  3. IchiBlack

    Black and Gold Dragonscale Choker

    This is a BEAST of a necklace XD
  4. IchiBlack

    Glow Itty Bitty Dragon

    This guy turned out so fun! He's got glow in the dark scales, glow in the dark rubber rings and even a few hints of UV reactive rings!
  5. :3 soo happy with how this turned out! Put together and then hand anodized
  6. IchiBlack

    Peacock Scale Necklace

    This was a 'I have an idea, I wonder if it would work' piece, I think it turned out rather cool
  7. IchiBlack

    Hand Anodized Titanium Cross

    The tutorial can be found over here >> http://theringlord.com/cart/shopdisplayproducts.asp?id=199&cat=Downloadable+Chainmail+Patterns+%2B+Instructions
  8. Oh. my. god. I will probably never do another one of these again.. My hands hurt soo freakin bad... ;-; But god did this turn out soo freakin pretty! This was constructed in four separate batches (scale back, head/body, tail and eyes) and dipped accordingly. Everything for this guy came from TRL, the anodizer, titanium rings and scales and even the pliers!
  9. Woo! Hand anodized Half Persian 3in1 bracelet! This pictures doesn't not do this gem justice! This was all done with supplies from TRL, anodizer, raw titanium rings, clasp.
  10. IchiBlack

    Blue Gradient Whirly Bird

    I really love how this little gem turned out :3 Done with 'flops' from here
  11. IchiBlack

    Huge Rainbow Dreamcatcher

    18 1/4" long and 6.5" wide
  12. IchiBlack

    New Dreamcatcher pattern

    Figured out a new dream catcher pattern and now people have talked me into making a tutorial XD
  13. IchiBlack

    New Dreamcatcher pattern

    I am not though I grew up in the culture as well as attending gatherings.
  14. IchiBlack


  15. IchiBlack

    Silver and Green Spiked Choker

    Done using the ring specials 12G 1/2'' Bright Silver and the new large acrylic spikes (the green one's here).
  16. IchiBlack

    Tiny Bronze and Green Dragon

    This guy's about 8.5" long
  17. IchiBlack

    Large Rainbow Dragon

    This guys 40 1/4" long
  18. IchiBlack

    Shaggy Scales

  19. IchiBlack

    Black and Rainbow Itty Bitty Dragon

    This guys about 11.5"
  20. Another one of those 'I wonder if this would work' ideas. I really like how it came out :3 it makes such a pretty petite bell noise! This piece is adjustable between 9.5" and 10.75" Done withthe blue/frost 'flops' from here