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  1. sakredchao

    Conventions (Goers and Planners)

    i was set up next to another mailler last fall.. i showed them some tricks i thought they could use. the only complaint i've ever had at an event is having the PA up so loud that i have to yell to communicate with my customers. i'm sure that my customers heard the announcement and just don't care about bingo the clown or santa giving lap dances..
  2. sakredchao

    Help!!!! Chainmail hat

    http://www.mailleartisans.org/board/viewtopic.php?t=17230 this wasn't showing up in the previous thread for some reason, even after an edit.. it's a link to flat e4 expanding circle instructions.
  3. sakredchao

    Help!!!! Chainmail hat

    didn't frankH also use a wire brim? OP, as much fun as dreaming with CMB is, i should warn you that following his advice basically requires that you wind your own rings and have a fine mandrel increment. he gives very accurate and excellent advice, but if you buy premade rings you will have a lot of trouble following it. if you wind your own, this method would give fantastic results. for a simpler construction, i might suggest the wire brim method iamhugo and the missing frankH used. for the round brim hat.. one method that comes to mind is taking 2 craft rings (1/8"-3/32" wire x 8" and 12") or whatever makes sense for the brim size. the smaller ring should be able to fit around your brow. the larger ring will be the outside of the brim. make a flat fabric that is stretched tight between the two. e4 expanding circle should work if you can weave completely flat.. http://www.mailleartisans.org/board/viewtopic.php?t=17230%C2'> although, many weaves would work.. anything with radial symmetry that you can get to hold tension would be servicable. when the brim is done you should be able to hold the center ring and the outer ring will stand out straight. connect a coif.. ideally you'd use more of a fitted inner ring, but round would probably work fine. that valley at the top of the roundbrim hat looks like it would be tricky to do in maille without a fitted headband or a hat that left an uncomfortable dent in your head.
  4. sakredchao

    NEW Cyborg Shipping!

    that was really fast.. does the rush service come with time travel? how can you get faster than what just happened? do you offer other time travel services? i know it hasn't shipped, but still. very nice. now, your customers can obsessively stalk their orders instead of you!
  5. sakredchao

    Linking rings of different ID - Please Help

    lorenzo, any advice on the worthco rings to use for the small scales? that size 7 for large scales talk up there was very helpful. "but the size 7 heavy have too small an ID to work as well with scales." ^this is interesting to me. what happened when you tried?
  6. sakredchao

    How do you figure out if you have made a profit

    broken toy, do you work construction for 12.50$/hr?
  7. sakredchao

    Using maille to repair a pipe

    what about this... take a 4 or 5 row wide ribbon of e4. start with a fairly dense (stong ring) weave. make a loop that fits snug the stem above the taper. you may need to start fresh a few times to find a ring that works. fine mandrel increments are a must here. this loop of ribbon should take a bit of gentle force to slip into place. once you have it sized, take it off and experiment.. i would add a few more rows to go down the taper enough to help reduce cracking, but giving enough room for lips. i'd use an AR taper rather than a contraction taper. make sure nothing slides around. the stem should be tight and the taper should also be tight. this will take a lot of time putting in and taking out rings of slightly different size. if you find it still doesn't hold perfect, make the inital 3e ribbon a row or two wider until it grabs the stem right. you'll only get so much out of this tactic.. once you encounter too much of the curve, rings will begin to bunch and put inappropriate pressures on the stem. the initial 5 row wide loop needs to be tight or this step is worthless. it's just for a little more grab, not for tightening anything. i'd think the smoke would seal the cracks if it were used... the maille hopefully would keep the cracks from spreading. hopefully 20ga would work for you.. if not you may have to experiment with 22ga. i'm not sure how your .040" - .090" mandrel set looks. 22ga is hard to size without a pretty complete set.
  8. sakredchao

    Any gardeners?

    jax, depending on your local pollenators you may need to make paintbrush sexytime for your squash blossoms. this varies from year to year where i live. i'm lazy. i keep some strawberries, raspberries, horseradish, stinging nettles, jerusalem artichokes and some deers tongue lettuce.. i try to encourage my dandelions, giving them greenhouse space when they are inclned to grow there. i pretty much allow things to do what they want. i aim for food return with the smallest smount of water and time input. i do well enough, i suppose, for not putting much effort into it. my largest limiting factor to gardening more is water. i can only hold about 1k gallons at once with my tanks.
  9. sakredchao

    Help with Hylion Crest inlay

    zlosk is a chainmaille folk hero to me... and i don't igp, i freehand.
  10. sakredchao

    Linking rings of different ID - Please Help

    does TRL carry releaux triangle wire rings? or coined split rings? ...probably only in unobtanium. oh, you feckless muse!
  11. sakredchao

    Linking rings of different ID - Please Help

    lorenzo, my question was unspecific, i apologize. when you calculate splitring AR, do you divide the ID by the wire thickness, or some average of wire thickness because of the double wrap? personally, i find splitrings to be a little quicker than butted for a few reasons. no closing. no ring making (i wind my own for butted.) it takes slightly longer to stitch in the "open" ring, but that's made up for in not having to close any of the "closed" rings. (weaving one open - one closed method)
  12. sakredchao

    Using maille to repair a pipe

    this is not a project that lends itself to maille, but i think it's wrappable. make a small loop that fits somewhere in the middle of the taper. an easy solution would be to use a 4 ring wide ribbon of e4. this keeps the width down while having a chain that is equally strong all the way around.. (as opposed to a 3 ring wide ribbon). i would change 2-6 rings so the e4 loop itself has a slight taper. i'd go down slightly on 2-3 and up slightly in size on 2-3 rings. now i would create an e4 "trough" by cutting the AR on the edge rings of a 5-7 ring wide e4 ribbon if you drastically cut the AR on the 2 rows of rings on either side, it will form a trough. the number of rows depends of your wire gauge and ring size. whatever fits. this piece will act as a backing, hopefully reducing point specific stress on the stem. now, i assume we're looking at a stem and there's a bowl somewhere? you're going to need to connect the stem wrap to a bowl wrap. if it has a typical pipe bowl shape, you should be able to make a loop around the bowl and a loop around to where the stem enters the bowl. those two loops (of whatever weave) will meet in the "armpit" created by the stem/bowl. things will be loose around the elbow part of the bowl. i would try to get a single large ring to fit in there and keep the 2 bowl loops from moving around. the rings holding this larger ring would need to not have a lot of "slop" or extra room to move. wraps need to be tight. you need to use the ring that fits in the space, not the ring that fits with extra space. both parts of the wrap will move around a little until you connect them.. you may need to run a stabilizing chain from the taper on the stem to the bowl, creating a bow-like aesthetic. try to keep the tension on this line under control.. wouldn't want to make things worse on the stem. i would suggest 20-22ga. 16 or 18ga for the single large ring. you may have to make each part 3 or 4 times to find the rings that work for it. you may have to trade out half of the rings once the form is done, trying to get rings that fit the space available. expect to need x/64 or x/128" ID increments. all of this is pretty normal when doing oddshaped wraps.
  13. sakredchao

    Linking rings of different ID - Please Help

    is that the normal ring AR or is that some funky splitring AR? (i'm assuming 6.67 is a scale-based number.) i've had scales on the brain recently.
  14. sakredchao

    How do you figure out if you have made a profit

    i interact with them face-to-face. i do shows and have a healthy vibrant daily venue.. there you can see how attitude has a huge impact on sales. i've had many people complain about how low the economy is and how bad everything else is. i reply that i hadn't noticed and i've made more this year than any year. that doesn't sink in and they repeat their thoughts on how bad the economy is. honestly, i don't know that i'd buy from a grumpy person, unless i -really- wanted the thing. you still have to go out and book shows.. have to figure out what products sell.. still have to do everything involved in running a business. the customers who interact with you will react to your attitude accordingly.
  15. sakredchao

    How do you figure out if you have made a profit

    i think that the time investment is the gauge you apply against the profit to calculate your wage. if i spent 10$ and 200 hours making 20$, i would say i had a 10$ profit. however, the wages are so horrible, i wouldn't sell another ever again. at those wages, i'd rather give it away. .02 also, while i agree that business image is important, my comment about positive self image is more along the lines of, "you're good enough, you're smart enough and gosh darn it, people like you."