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  1. bigtitann

    Mint or Seafoam

    I really don't see why you cant have both. If 1 gets a little off in a new batch, as the past has shown, it will still sell. continuously I get request for mint creations, and I am running low on the 18316 rings.
  2. bigtitann

    Mint or Seafoam

    I have some of both. Although seafoam is a cool color, I get tons of people loving the mint, myself included! I don't know of any other place to get mint rings.... But I know that Blu.B. has seafoam rings. that alone makes me want to clutch onto the mint for dear life! this thread also worries me for if 1 get discontinued, i wont be able to buy any of the discon' rings, im broke! ~Colt
  3. bigtitann

    Pink & Red HP4 1

    someone musta stole my ideaz!
  4. Well this is just amazing. Hours and hours researching everything, and now that i have the rings, THEY DONT WORK! Not only research, but asking others if this crap would work. FML.

  5. bigtitann

    Purple Niobium Colors?

    Thank you very much! Glad I said something! New Photo's look Amazing! BigTitann,
  6. bigtitann

    Cicadas Scalemaille earrings

    how much did you sell them for at your work?
  7. bigtitann

    Purple Niobium Colors?

    I am 100% set on getting Niobium rings rather then AA, EC, or AT. I am going to be using the rings in a project with sterling silver. I have been wanting to get some Purple Niobium. The only problem I'm having is I cant quite see the colors shown in the niobium order page. Any chance of showing some larger photo's of current TRL stock with listed color names? Thank you, BigTitann~
  8. bigtitann

    maille xmas tree

    That is soooo cool! =D I might have to steal the idea..... with credit to you of corse!
  9. bigtitann

    dahlia bracelet

    What are those silverr conectors? I want to try em!
  10. bigtitann

    Ho ho ho

    ooooo, what is that? =D
  11. bigtitann

    Needed, Anodized Teal Jumprings!

    Hey all. I am looking for Teal jumpings for a few custom orders, (residing for san jose, CA. team colors for hocky). I am trying to get my hands on ring size 18swg 1/4"ID. I know there is teal in Niobium, yet its a bit costly, and to me seems like a light blue more less. Thanks in advance for the help! ~Colt P.S. (I have sent about 45 items with a family member over the holidays. and today and yesterday, he sold over $300 worth! ^__^ )
  12. bigtitann

    40ft Rail Car Of Stainless

    Holy crap! =O
  13. bigtitann

    Sculpture weave used for a trivet

    simple. strong. I LIKE IT!!!!!!!
  14. bigtitann

    A little market research

    IMO, Any combo with Black looks good. And any combo with silver (BA) also looks good! You said you are going to make the earrings with 5 boxchain units. May I ask what ring size your going to use? Just curious! haha The only 2 colors that I personally don't think go togrther well, is Blue and Red. Hope this helps! ~Colt
  15. bigtitann

    Need help on project

    @Dranemra, You forgot to put """" In My Opinion """", on most of the things you posted!