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  1. kappllow

    which do you prefer?

    I agree exactly with losthelm. I make em all individually... you can also make a variety of sizes, of course. ths means making more, and having more stock, but covering a few sizes means that most ppl wl find one they like, without needing an adjustment.
  2. kappllow

    Fishing with scales

    next time i go fishing with my scaled lure, i'll try to remember my phone and get a pic... lol
  3. kappllow

    likes/dislikes about canada?

    Do you realize that the northern tip of cali is at the same latitude as the southern tip of ontario? we aren't quite as far north as it may seem... well, unless you really go up north...
  4. kappllow

    likes/dislikes about canada?

    I admit, the whole topless thing was over done... it does seem awefully rare for the ladies to do it, but i have seen t occasionally...
  5. kappllow

    Default jewelry sizes?

    At times you have to beware the 'oversizing'... some customers will not want to wait around for you to adjust the sze, or cut a necklace or bracelet from a chain... would recommend having standard sizes available, and also have something longer hidden away that you can size for those that want it
  6. I typically charge $20 for aa byzantine bracelets too
  7. I made a stainless ds bracelet, using 20g... the only rings that popped were the outside ones. I fixed that by adding small rings through 2 small ones on the outside... the sizes were 3/16 and 1/8 i believe... used the same 1/8 on the outside oh, also, btw, i used machine cut rings, so they were a tad larger than if thay'd have been saw cut
  8. kappllow

    Fishing with scales

    I had a customer comment that the scales looked like fishing lures... especially the ones on the earrings i made. Well, after that it bugged me, would they really work as lures? I have an answer now, if anyone else ever wondered the same thing. Turns out... They do! Caught a few pike on a spinnerbait that had the spoon replaced by a silvery-gold small scale. Now I have to remember to tell the customer that they were right, they really were redneck earrings ( its an old redneck joke, if you buy your wife earrings that double as fishing lures, you mght be a redneck )
  9. kappllow

    Kitchener, Ontario?

    Could be a possibility for me as well... especially if i get a new car before then...
  10. kappllow

    new working surface... maybe

    I use a 6" ceramic tile for now.
  11. kappllow

    More chainmail architecture: The house that David built

    wow... all i can say... wow
  12. kappllow

    Crappy casting

    off-hand i see no real reason to need a 2nd half of the mold... a lot of the old cuttle fish casting was done by simply carving, then pouring the metal in...as for a crucible, it was suggested to me before to use a charcoal bricket... the carbon dioxide produced when melting the silver should prevent/reduce firescale if you're using sterling...
  13. kappllow

    Niobium Scales

    Jon, I'm just curious, but would you have a ball park idea how much the scales would be at double due to material loss? Some may find the price exceptable.
  14. kappllow

    likes/dislikes about canada?

    I have one like that I haven't seen mentioned here yet... It's legal for women to go topless up here...
  15. kappllow

    Registering your business name?

    Wow... Well, I don't know as much about the US side of things, but up here you legally HAVE to get a provincial permit in Ontario... it's free, all I had to do was call. That also sets me up to take PST... Now federally, I only have to register my name and get the liscense and tax stuff if i'd be charging tax on over $50 000 (i think) Now for the whole securing your name... you can't really get sued for any money if someone else registers your name, but you could be forced to change it... which would suck, because that means you have to tell all your customers of the change, and change any/ all signs business cards and such... We had a case a few years ago, where circut city (US) bought the canadian radio shack... radio shack US sued to have circut city change the name since they're competitors... Rado shack won... so now every radio shack up here is now called 'the source by circut city' probably cost them a fair bit to change all the signs and packageing over... So I would say, if/when you can afford it, register to protect yourself